Monday, April 22, 2013

Random Photo Stream

I like to look back at photos on my phone.  They are a pretty good indication of what we are doing day to day.  The pictures are probably 90% kids, 5% food, 4% random, and 1% Georgia and Gabby.  

Seasonal cleaning out the closets day.  It is SO bitter sweet to donate the kids' clothes.  I look at them and can't believe that BOTH girls have already worn them.  I'm holding on to some (way too many) special ones 

This is so sweet to me:  the overalls...the pony tail.  My little Tennessee girl!

The girls and I planted almost 100 tulip bulbs down the driveway in October.  They have bloomed into HUGE, beautiful flowers!  

The dancing after dinner tradition continues...Kate LOVES to dance!

Rainy days call for movie time in the playroom.

Getting ready for anyone?

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