Monday, April 15, 2013

Kate's 2nd Birthday Party

We had a fun little party for Kate in our backyard this year.  I like having a low-key party with the kids running around the yard wearing themselves out and the adults having some time to catch up.  I had a great time and I know the girls did too!  We did a rainbow theme-and I'm sticking with this for future parties because it was so easy and I can reuse my little decorations.  I made a rainbow cake and it was so good!  I also really felt like the rainbow theme fit Kate's sprite personality.  Happy birthday, little one!
rainbow cake in progress

rainbow buckets for the pinata treats

why do they make pinatas SO hard to break!?

the bounce house

party hats at the kid table

Harper and I made flowers out of napkins

Kate's birthday banner from last year

Elsa and Gavin (Kate is totally 100% in love with Gavin-no joke)


Harper checking out the food tables.  I sewed these streamers too.

Sunny and Harper-H looks worn out!

Pizza time!

Brian and his dad

Brian and Margot

Alec and Daisy

Duncan and Josh

Emmaline, Maddy, and Ryder!  Our beach buddies and sweet friends!

The rainbow cake went fast!

The big girls kickin' it!

the birthday girl!

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