Thursday, April 4, 2013

Kate is 2!

Kathryn Ann, you are 2! We have had quite a year with you!  You had your first beach trip, rode on an airplane a couple of times (not very well, I might add), had a health scare for 5 months that nearly wore us all out (thank goodness you are ok!), learned about a million words, started "school" a few days a week, and moved to a toddler bed.  You are a wonderful little girl and all of those things that I saw in you at your first birthday have blossomed!  You are funny, emotional, determined, and sweet.

Kate, at 2 you
  • weigh 22.5 lbs. and are 33 inches tall.  You are tiny for your age!
  • wear 2t clothes 
  • still wear diapers but we just picked out underwear for you to potty train next weekend!  You seem very ready and already go on the potty several times a day.
  • are NOT a good eater.  You are a very picky eater, mostly because of the stomach issues you had in the last year.  You like macaroni and cheese, sweet potatoes, spaghetti, peanut butter and jelly, chicken, yogurt, fruit (no bananas, though), quesadillas, cheese!!!, and snacks.  You hate your vegetables (a huge change from last year).
I made you chocolate chip pancakes for your birthday breakfast!
  • sleep from 7:30 to 7 and usually wake up once in the night and then go right back to sleep.  You take one nap a day too.  You do not like to wake up from naps and are usually grumpy when you do.  
  • say a ton of words.  I couldn't list them all but some good ones are, "ohhh, I'm so sorry," "mommy put my night-night," "excuse me, I have gas," and "no Harper, that's mine."
  • love your mother!  You always want me to put you to bed and I love that snuggle time with you! I think we have to much fun at bedtime.  
Harper picked out and gave you this mermaid.  YOU LOVE IT!  

  • love reading books.  You always bring me books during the day or sometimes you just sit and read out loud to yourself.  We read all kinds of books, but your favorites are Winnie the Pooh, anything by Eric Carle, and picture books.
  • love animals and have no fear of them whatsoever.
Today on your birthday, we went with Pop and Harper to the aquarium

  • fear the Easter Bunny and Santa.
  • are a fast runner!  
  • smart.  Kate, you say things sometimes and I'm baffled.  How did you know that!?  You like to count EV-ER-Y-THING and you work puzzles in no time.  You sit and concentrate on things.  We will go to sports class on Tuesdays and you spend half of the time studying everyone and how things work.
  • love to snuggle.
  • enjoy cleaning up and are very methodical.
  • are SO FUNNY!  What I love is that you are funny and you know it.  You crack yourself up and I love that you are so happy.
I asked you what you wanted for your birthday and you said, "a cow cupcake"

Katy bug, we love you so much.  I am so sad that you're already 2!  I am enjoying talking to you and watching your spunky personality grow.  Happy 2nd Birthday!



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