Tuesday, March 26, 2013

The game closet and productive parenting

I'm linking up with Kelly's Korner today to talk about playing with our kids! warning-this post is littered with parenthesis!

After listening to a local toy store owner in November, I've made play time a structured focus in our house again.  When the girls were little and couldn't play independently, I found things to fill our days.  As they got older, and I realized I could go run a load of laundry without someone pulling on my leg, I let play time go a little.  The owner of the toy store is a former preschool teacher and he explained how important play is for brain development and building relationships.  So, I started investing in more games and puzzles to start playing with the girls (great marketing on his part, by the way...) and we play a game almost every day-yesterday we played Super Why Alphabet Game.  This is our game closet-can you tell I am playing and not cleaning!?

Games teach Harper that sometimes you lose (she says this, by the way), where she once used to throw tantrums when she lost.  

Kate and Harper are also learning to take turns (something Harper's teacher said she needed to work on), and encourage others.  Plus, we are having fun and learning colors, letters, spelling, and math.  

I am NOT perfect, by any means, and when I need 20 minutes to cook dinner, this happens a lot.

But I'm definitely trying!  

Another thing that has been AWESOME is Productive Parenting (productiveparenting.com).  I signed up for this when Harper was a newborn and I didn't know what to do with her all day-ha!  It sends you daily emails of age-appropriate activities like art and science projects and simple household things to do with your child.  I LOVE it!  I've found great activities from this site and it reminds me that our kids are constantly growing and needing new challenges for growth.  I highly recommend it!  


  1. Hi there--I'm visiting from Kelly's Korner. My girls are about your kids' ages, it looks like, and we love games too. Our favorites right now are Sequence for Kids and these "cooperative games" from Peaceable Kingdom where we all work together rather than against each other. So fun!

    Jessica (theparsonagefamily.com)

  2. Oh my goodness! I LOVE these ideas. We've just started playing Candy Land and Chutes and Ladders, but I need to look into productive parenting. Thank you! And thanks for linking up!

  3. Love the idea of the closet!
    Thanks for linking up!!!!

  4. love it. yes, oh so many lessons learned at our house from "losing" games.

  5. Family game night...some of my favorite childhood memories were playing games and cards. I am sure that the girls will cherish these memories in the years to come.
    Love you all!
    ~Aunt Jackie

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