Tuesday, February 19, 2013

Harper's 4th Birthday Party

Harper's 4th birthday party was at Rolly Pollies this year.  It was easy, fun, and I actually enjoyed the party!  Ha!  I usually kill myself planning, but this is the year of "no" for me, so I took the easy way (for once) and am so glad that I did.  Harper loved the whole thing from start to finish and I think her friends had a great time too.  

We started the celebration off opening gifts and singing "Happy Birthday" at home.  Harper gets tickled and a little humbled when we sing this to her.  So cute.  

Then we got dressed for the party!  I tried to make the girls cake shirts and it didn't work, so I found some on Etsy that are cute and have their names on them.

We headed over to Rolly Pollies, greeted our guests, and started the party!  The kids played and played and the grown ups actually got to have full-on conversations for once.  

Harper loves the rings the best.  

We had the best staff to direct the playtime and set up the party room while we played.  

Here are Harper and her sweet friends listening to the "rules."  We had 24 kids and it was just right!

The foam pit is always a hit!

Kate flew down the slide over and over again.  She is fearless!

Harper tried the zip line for the first time.  Afterwards, she made sure to tell EVERYONE that she did it!

We filled the party room with pink and turquoise balloons for our "Little Mermaid" theme.  We ate Chick Fil A, Pirate's booty, and fruit salad.  Harper helped plan everything!  Can you tell?  The kids took home "under the sea" goody bags with goldfish, bath toys, and bubbles inside.  Harper handed them out to all of her friends.

Harper and I picked out the cake together.  The lighting is terrible in this picture (yellow room), but the cake was turquoise and pink too.

Harper blowing out her candle.  

What a fun birthday party!  Happy birthday, sweet girl!

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