Saturday, February 23, 2013

Kate's 1st Haircut

Last week Kate had her first haircut!  We went to Snip Its and both girls got a little trim.  They both had a great time, but I hate to admit that I was kind of nervous.  I don't like to cut their little hair, but they definitely need it.  Both haircuts made big differences, so we will be going much more often.

The befores...

Kate is always holding her little hands like that.  She is so cute (if I do say so myself)!

The afters...

Tuesday, February 19, 2013

Getting anxious for spring

I know it is only February 19th and we have a while before spring or Easter arrives, but I don't care. We need a little denial once in a while so I'm sprinkling some Easter around the house early this year.

Harper's 4th Birthday Party

Harper's 4th birthday party was at Rolly Pollies this year.  It was easy, fun, and I actually enjoyed the party!  Ha!  I usually kill myself planning, but this is the year of "no" for me, so I took the easy way (for once) and am so glad that I did.  Harper loved the whole thing from start to finish and I think her friends had a great time too.  

We started the celebration off opening gifts and singing "Happy Birthday" at home.  Harper gets tickled and a little humbled when we sing this to her.  So cute.  

Then we got dressed for the party!  I tried to make the girls cake shirts and it didn't work, so I found some on Etsy that are cute and have their names on them.

We headed over to Rolly Pollies, greeted our guests, and started the party!  The kids played and played and the grown ups actually got to have full-on conversations for once.  

Harper loves the rings the best.  

We had the best staff to direct the playtime and set up the party room while we played.  

Here are Harper and her sweet friends listening to the "rules."  We had 24 kids and it was just right!

The foam pit is always a hit!

Kate flew down the slide over and over again.  She is fearless!

Harper tried the zip line for the first time.  Afterwards, she made sure to tell EVERYONE that she did it!

We filled the party room with pink and turquoise balloons for our "Little Mermaid" theme.  We ate Chick Fil A, Pirate's booty, and fruit salad.  Harper helped plan everything!  Can you tell?  The kids took home "under the sea" goody bags with goldfish, bath toys, and bubbles inside.  Harper handed them out to all of her friends.

Harper and I picked out the cake together.  The lighting is terrible in this picture (yellow room), but the cake was turquoise and pink too.

Harper blowing out her candle.  

What a fun birthday party!  Happy birthday, sweet girl!

Tuesday, February 12, 2013

Harper is 4!

Harper Rose, you are 4 years old!  I just can't even believe it! Let's pause for a minute while I catch my breath...

Okay, we're back.
At 4 years old, you

  • Weigh 31 pounds
  • Stand 38" tall
  • Wear 4T clothes
  • Dress yourself
acting like the gorilla
  • Write your own name, "mom," and "dad"
  • Love to dance and sing, probably more than everything
  • Have beautiful, curly hair that is impossible to manage
my love-hate relationship with your hair
  • love the songs "Baby" and "Boyfriend" by Justin Bieber, the bands The Lumineers, Of Monsters and Men, and Katy Perry
  • Say funny things every day.  You recently got in trouble and said, "Mommy, don't send me back to Jesus"-oh my!  
your big-girl bed
  • Go to preschool 3 days a week and love playing with Dana and Nathaniel in your class
  • pretend to write and read letters
  • love dress up clothes and anything princess
you love your nightgowns and ask to wear them every day

  • are the BEST big sister to Kate I could ever ask for.  It is definitely your greatest strength. 

you and Kate are inseparable and you are so sweet to her
  • are STRONG-you love gymnastics and soccer
  • SWIM!  You're taking swim lessons and you swam on your own for the first time on Feb. 10th, 2013
  • are very active!  I don't know where you get the energy, little girl.  
  • eat great-you eat all of your vegetables!  You love cheese, popcorn, grapes, strawberries, ice cream, and anything sweet.
you love to help me and show me your work
  • love to play games, do art "projects," and play imaginative play with all of your toys.  You could play for hours by yourself and I try to be "imaginative" with you and you just look at me and laugh.
you are fascinated with relationships right now and how your characters interact
  • hide from daddy whenever he gets home from work-it is a little game the two of you play and it is adorable.  
  • are smart, helpful, kind, silly, active, expressive, and independent.  

We love you so much, Harper!  You are the sweetest little girl and are so sensitive to others.  You are curious, friendly, scared of cows and carousels, hate grilled cheese, and love your baby blanket that you call "pinky."  You are a little bright light, Harper.  Happy birthday, sweet pea!

Friday, February 1, 2013

Snow in the 60's

We have had crazy weather-going from 14 degrees to 64 degrees in a matter of days. We are trying to enjoy it all and get outside as much as we can. Luckily the snow was pretty and fluffy and just perfect for little girls. They last about 20 minutes before their gloves are falling off and their fingers start to hurt. Then we ruuuuuun inside and begin the fun task of taking off snow gear. Harper's favorite part is making snow angels and throwing snow at her sister. Kate is not a fan of the snow, but if her sister is doing is she.