Tuesday, January 29, 2013

Christmas Eve at the Wallace, 2012

We had Christmas Eve morning at the Wallaces and the girls got to once again open presents.  Santa visited the girls the night before and Harper got to sit on his lap and Kate got to gawk at him in horror.  Ha!  It was pretty cute.  Harper kept encouraging Kate and saying things like, "it's okay, Kate, Santa is nice to the kids."  I don't have any pictures of it though-I need to get some and add them.

They opened gifts and then we went to Brian's grandmother's house so she could meet Kate.  It was really sweet for all 4 generations to be there and the 3 generations of girls.  Harper's middle name is named after her great grandmother, Rosemary, and she warmed right up to her.  I thought it was so cute when she climbed right up on her lap and started talking to her.  I don't have a bunch of pictures of that either-my hands were busy with two munchkins.  Harper has a sweet soul and all I had to say to her was that it was her great grandmother and she acted like she had climbed up on her lap every day for years.  

Harper and Kate won't get to know their great grandmother as I've known her, but Rosemary has always been so loving and full of grace and she still is.  Hopefully Brian and I can bring instill those lovely qualities in the girls.

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