Wednesday, December 5, 2012

Christmas Tree 2012

The girls are so into the Christmas season this year and I'm just loving it!  They get so excited about everything.  Their schools have something special planned for each day, we are watching our little elf Jingle move around each morning, and they love all of the Christmas decorations.  

Each night we light the tree together and read Christmas books in the living room.  I keep telling Harper it is Jesus' birthday, but she does not understand because she knows Jesus as a grown up.  Ha!  Plus she just keeps talking about his birthday party and how everyone will be there.  When she says "everyone" she raises her voice and puts her hands in the air.  She's very excited, like I said.

Brian and I decorated the tree one night by ourselves and then the next morning we let the girls put special ornaments down low all by themselves.  That was a really good way to do it-stress free and so fun for them.  They didn't get bored, and we didn't have to worry about breaking anything.  Brian is so into these things with them.  He practices sitting on Santa's lap with them.  

I bought matching Christmas pajamas for all of us girls and last night after baths we put them on.  They were just tickled that I was wearing the same thing as them.

These are my two perfect presents.  Brian and I are so blessed to have these girls.

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  1. Where is the picture of all 3 girls wearing their pajamas??? I only see 2 in the picture :)

    ~Aunt Jackie