Friday, November 30, 2012

Thanksgiving at the Rosenbaums

We drove down to Greenville for Thanksgiving and had so much fun with the Rosenbaums.  Harper and Avery are two peas in a pod and Kate and Olivia just followed them everywhere wanting to play with the big girls.  Harper and Avery had a slumber party in Avery's room and it was interesting.  They were too excited to go to sleep most nights and once I woke up at 3 am to find them playing secret agents with flashlights and play jewelry.  We also found a tub of melted ice cream and marshmallows the next morning so who knows what they were up to all night.  

We made fabulous food.  My favorite was the smoked turkey-and I don't even really like turkey.  Matt smoked the turkey and Kathryn and I made mashed potatoes, bacon green beans, Sister Shubert rolls, sweet potato casserole, apple and sausage stuffing and a pumpkin dump cake.  YUM!  Kathryn is such a great decorator and I love seeing what she's done to the house.  

Sippy cups and wine glasses go hand-in-hand...

The girls also played outside in their backyard a lot because the weather was so nice.  Matt and Kathryn have two chickens and they collect fresh eggs.  Kate was fascinated by the chickens.  

I got my first speeding ticket in-where else-Virginia.  Oh well, I've never even been pulled over for speeding and it was an honest accident/fluke of a second of speeding and I'm over it.  Brian is an old pro at tickets so he just walked me through it.  Ha!  He's such a rebel...

It was so relaxing and just a great time with friends.  Matt and Kathryn are the best hosts and my favorite parts were watching our kids play and sitting up late talking.  What a wonderful Thanksgiving!


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  1. Sounds like everyone had a wonderful time. It was great seeing pictures of the girls and their friends. Kiss your lovely family for me.

    See you soon!
    ~Aunt Jackie