Wednesday, October 24, 2012

Clark's Elioak Farm

This fall we tried something different-Clark's Elioak Farm.  It is a BIG farm that hosts an annual fall festival for several weeks.  What I really like is how spread out everything is for the kids.   They can run around and we don't have to worry about crowds.  It also has all of these statues for the kids-mostly of nursery rhymes and fairy tales.

We had such a fun time!  We rode the cow train and the girls loved it.

We went on a little hay ride through the "enchanted forest."

 We took silly pictures...

and pet lots of goats and sheep.  Kate is fearless when it comes to animals and she just LOVES farm animals.

They have a big pumpkin patch and the girls each picked out a little pumpkin to take home.


The girls are so sweet to one another and playing so well these days.  Here they are with their pumpkin prizes.  We had a great day at the farm!

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