Monday, October 29, 2012

Boo at the Zoo, 2012

On Friday we joined our friends Lisa and Andy at the Smithsonian National Zoo for its annual Boo at the Zoo.  This was our first time ever going and it was a great time!  Despite the crowds (they let Sunday night people in on Friday because of the impending hurricane Sandy), the kids behaved so well and loved every minute of it. 

We picked up famous 2 Amy's pizza to go and ate at the zoo with our friends.  Andy said only SEC fans would tailgate at the zoo-ha!  This was a GREAT idea, though, and we were able to get a yummy dinner and walk right into the zoo.
Kate enjoying pizza (the irony of this picture is not lost on me).

playing in the leaves

Our crew starting our trick-or-treating

The Resnicks

the blue fairy!

Harper trick-or-treating

Ha!  Harper freaked out at a woman dressed as a gorilla.  Here she is a little timid still.  

Sweet Kate was so good in the wagon.  

Best buds 
the girls!  I was a butterfly with Kate.

looking at a Maryland crab

spooky bugs! ha!  look at Conor's face in the background!

Lisa and Conor at the jellies

best daddy ever!

Harper was wired the whole way home and Kate passed out immediately.  This was a really fun event and I just love all of the wonderful things the girls get to do in this area at this time in their lives.  

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  1. The girls are absolutely precious! I can only imagine how fun they are at home- getting into things and driving you crazy