Sunday, September 9, 2012

Go Harper, Go!

I've become a soccer mom!  Harper started soccer last week and she loves it.  She has practice on Wednesdays and games on Saturdays.  REAL games!  They split the team into 2 groups and then play 3 on 3 against another team for games-it is just a hoot to watch.  They have uniforms and team snacks on game days.

Here are some pictures of Harper at her first practice last week.

This is basically her whole team.  Aren't they just a bunch of cuties?  They're all so sweet and are out there to have fun.

At practice, the kids all have their own ball so they get lots of time to well, practice.

Can you guess who picked out this outfit?  And I distinctly remember saying when I was pregnant with a certain first-born that "Harper is NOT going to be wearing pink all of the time."  Someone had other plans for me.

This is Coach Mike and he is awesome!  I couldn't ask for a better coach.  He's energetic, encouraging, and fun.  He insists that the kids be kids and do what makes them happy.  Can you tell that they love him too?  

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