Tuesday, August 7, 2012

The Outer Banks Part 2: Sand Dunes

One of the highlights of our beach trip this summer was the sand dunes.  My friend Marianne mentioned them to me and recommended we take cameras and kites for a great sunset.  So we gathered the kids one evening and set out for the dunes.  They were right up the road from our house, but I felt like we were in another country.  

First the kiddos stopped for a picture.  Ryder cracks me up in this picture.  

Then we walked down to the lake at the bottom of the dunes.  There were a million teeny tiny baby frogs jumping everywhere!  A million is not an exaggeration.  Apparently, they'd all just grown their little legs and were leaving the water.  See the little black speck in the sand?  That was one.  They were everywhere!  The kids loved picking them up.  Harper kept trying to feed them grass.

Next we headed up to the dunes.  Here are the daddies walking the kids.  Brian had so much fun with Harper that they came back one night by themselves.

This is what we found at the top of the hill.  It was so pretty.  Sunset was the perfect time:  the sand was cool and the colors were spectacular.

The best idea was bringing kites.  The daddies taught the kids and they had so much fun.

Harper even flew her kite all by herself.  

Kate was sound asleep the whole time back at the house with Natalie, but this is a cute family picture.  This was such a fun memory with Harper and our friends.

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