Sunday, August 12, 2012

Newport: annapolis on steroids

Last month, our family of four boarded a Southwest plane, flew for 45 minutes, and landed right back in Annapolis-or so it seemed.  We went to Annapolis on steroids-We went to Newport, RI for the Newport Folk Music Festival at Fort Adams State Park.  We stayed at The Mill Stree Inn, an old mill turned boutique hotel.  Our room was WONDERFUL!  We had a loft for sleeping and bathing and a living room on the lower floor.  There was also a private rooftop deck off of our room, with a view of the water.  With the girls, it was nice having such a great place for downtime.  Like a dummy, I took zero pictures of our hotel, but here is a snap from their website.  This was our upstairs.  We were also right in the middle of downtown.  It was a perfect place.

We had a great time with our friends, the Rossos and the Abruzzos, and all of the kids.  Every time we ate, we laughed at our "6 adults and 5 children, please."  The kids were so good and had fun playing with one another.  We had a little bit of rain, but we made it work thanks to rain coats and double strollers.

Kate is attached to my hip these days!  She just wants to do everything with me and love on me all of the time.

That's day she'll want nothing to do with me and just play with her friends all of the time.  

Harper and Ryder were once again inseparable.  They danced and played the whole weekend.  The last thing Harper said before bed and the first thing she said when she woke up was, "where's Ryder?"  They are best buds and play so well together.  

One morning we went to look at some of the mansions in Newport.  Newport is famous for its "summer cottages" of the early 20th century.  A couple were built by the Vaderbilts, if that tells you anything.  They are out of control HUGE!  I've never seen homes this big in my life.  What's more, the properties are enormous and immaculate as well.  All of the mansions have been donated to the historical society and they give tours daily.  This was the Elms.  We didn't go in, but we walked around the property and peeked in its giant windows.  It is one of the biggest of the mansions-the other being The Breakers, where The Great Gatsby of the 70's was filmed.

Can you imagine waking up and having breakfast on the back porch? 

We kind of trespassed without knowing it.  Who me?

The gardens were perfectly groomed and beautiful!!!

They had these gazebos out of The Sound of Music-you know, the "I am 16 scene?"  No?  I'm the only dork who loved that movie?  Oh well, moving on.

The trees on the property were mostly imported from Europe.

After we walked ran around the property, the girls were wiped and ready to go.  Don't they looked thrilled to take another picture?

I look forward to going back to Newport one day soon.  We had fun, but with the festival, we missed a lot of the town.  Next time we are going to rent a car and see the seaside and visit more of the mansions.  Newport is misty, laid back, beautiful, and charming.  It makes you slow down-just what we needed.  

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