Tuesday, August 14, 2012

Harper at 3 1/2

Harper Rose, you are 3 and a half!  Every day you are growing up and we have a little girl before us.  You are so beautiful and I can't believe you are ours.  I love to look at your baby pictures and compare them to you now.  I'm just amazed by you.

At 3 1/2 you
  • Weigh 30 pounds.  You are ALL muscle, girl.  You are average height, but thin and muscular.
  • You are a jumping bean!  You have so much energy.
  • You are FAST!  Everywhere we go, people say, "wow, she's fast! sign her up for track as soon as you can."  This makes me laugh:  your dad and I met running track.
  • You sleep in a big girl bed!
  • You love: eating, running, jumping, gymnastics, soccer, animals, singing, and dancing.
  • You are eating all of your veggies like a big girl.  You do not like spicy food and you of course love sweets.
  • Did I mention you are fast?  You don't nap any more and I don't know how you go go go all day long.  I'm worn out!  
  • You climb all over the furniture like a monkey and I'm always saying, "get down" or "be careful!"
  • You started gymnastics and you're pretty good.  I love watching you on the bars.
  • You play soccer at SoccerTots and LOVE it!  
  • Georgia is one of your best friends.  Before we leave the house, you give her a hug and kiss and say, "be a good girl-we'll be back."  She lays by your bed until you fall asleep, you play tug of war with her, and she lets you dress her up and climb all over her.  I'm so glad you have a sweet dog in your life and that she has you in her life.
  • You are a singer, girl!  Ha!  It cracks me up.  Your favorite songs right are, "Baby" and "Boyfriend" by Justin Bieber. It isn't my fault-you saw a 5 second clip on a commercial and begged me to play it for you.  Which leads me to say that you have quite an ear for music (thanks to daddy).  You were running around singing Rhiana's melody to (with the wrong words:  "spin round in a hopeless place?").  You are so theatrical about your singing too.  You pick up the tone and act it all out.  It is a trip!  Your past favorite songs are by Mayer Hawthorne, Katy Perry, Miley Sirus, and Lady Gaga.  Trust me, I try toddler tunes and you're totally put off.
  • You are the BEST BIG SISTER.  Harper, you are so kind to others, especially Kate.  You yell things like "don't touch my sister!" when we are playing.  You tickle her, kiss her, climb in her bed in the morning, peek-a-boo to her, and anything to make her smile.  I LOVE IT!  She just adores you and it warms my heart to see the two of you so close.  I couldn't ask you to be a better big sister.  We crack up at Kate together and you always chime, "Kaaaaate" or "Katy-bug!"  Priceless.
  • You are practicing writing your name and tracing letters.  You're obsessed with "H" and point it out on license plates, menus, and anything you see.  It is cute.
  • You can count to 20, trace letters, identify letters, speak some spanish (thank you, Dora).

You can be sassy and have a way of saying "no" quite a bit lately.  It can be frustrating and I'm working hard at keeping my cool with you.  Ha!  You are so beautiful, Harper.  I love your blond curly hair and your blue-green eyes.  But, I am mostly proud of how sweet you are.  I love your kind heart more than your athleticism, brains, or looks.

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3 1/2 Years

We love you Harper Rose.

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