Thursday, June 7, 2012

Girls Trip 2012

For our 10 Year Reunion (from...COLLEGE!?), we decided this year to do a beach trip.  After our house fell through in January, one of our girls' dad offered his home to us.  So we headed to Grayton Beach for Memorial Day weekend.  I had a sitter for the girls on Thursday and little bit on Friday, and then Brian watched them the rest of the time.  I had the BEST TIME with my girlfriends.
Liz made us t-shirts for the weekend!
MacKenzie and her amazing dad, Hank.  He was the PERFECT, BEYOND AMAZING host for the weekend.  He made us breakfast every morning, set up our chairs on the beach early, did our grocery shopping, and is such a fun guy!

On alligator lake, with the compound in the background

Photo on the beach at night

Us in the AMAZING water.  Look at the gulf!  It is crystal clear.
Meghan, Christy, Me, MacKenzie, Liz, and LeeAnn

Christy and MacKenzie

Liz and LeeAnn

Mimosas on the deck 

Meghan mailing our care package to Chris in Afghanistan

Meghan and I went paddle boarding!  That's me-the short one :)  Yes, that water is real!

The girls and our Tervis tumblers
LeeAnn, Christy, Liz, Me, MacKenzie, and Meghan

enjoying our last night at the Wittens
surprising LeeAnn with a baby shower!

I am so glad I got to go on that trip!  I had a wonderful time catching up with everyone and having some serious down time for a few days.  Happy 10 years, girls!  

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  1. That was such a great trip. I wish we would do the beach every year! It was really perfect.