Tuesday, June 19, 2012

Brian's Office Makeover Surprise!

For Father's Day and Brian's birthday, I made over Brian's office as a surprise.  For several weeks, I gathered items and picked over Pinterest for some ideas.  Homegoods made it possible on a budget!  

I WISH WISH WISH I had taken "before" pictures, but my camera died and I just said forget it!  Ah!  That kills me.  The room was so boring.  There was a desk in the middle of the floor with a dirty round rag rug.  The walls were taupe, the windows were bare, and the art was randomly nailed on the walls.  It was a mess.  He basically never did anything to the room, yet he spends so much time in there working (he works in hospitals, and this office is the office).

I went with this orange called "Navel" by Sherwin Williams and a gray called "Agreeable Gray."  One million dollars to anyone who can guess my color inspiration.  I chose off-white drapes to make the gray a little warmer. I found this sofa at Homegoods for a steal and it matches perfectly.  I fell in love with the rug, and then it all just came together.  

Brian was definitely surprised and loves the space.  I told him that he works so hard and that he deserves a corner of the house that he can enjoy by himself.  He would never do this for himself and I'm so glad that I just went for it.  Happy June, Brian! I love you! 

Sunday, June 17, 2012

Happy Father's Day

I am so amazingly blessed to have three fathers in my life.

My dad is the most tender-hearted and intelligent man I know.  I trust him for advice, but mostly admire him as a role-model.  I've always been very close to my dad.  He and my mom have been the best parents in the world.  Dad has always supported me-emotionally, verbally, and mostly through actions.  He was at every track meet, coached me for years, gave me great life experiences, and showed me the importance of hard work and humbleness.

Dad and Harper, March 2009

Brian's dad is one of a kind.  I call him Ray-bear because he is like this big teddy bear.  Now that I know him as a father, I know how loving and kind-hearted he is.  He is always there to do anything we need and he's been an amazing support of our marriage and of our girls.  He and Susan have provided a wonderful example for me and Brian.  Ray has a rare spirit and life about him that reminds me to live life to the fullest and love my family with all of my heart.

Ray and Kate, May 2012 
Brian reminds me so much of my dad and father-in-law.  He is humble yet spirited, loves others with generosity, and works so hard to provide a loving and safe world for his family.  He makes us feel special every day and is sensitive and loving towards all of us crazy girls.  He is the perfect father to our girls and I can't imagine anyone better with whom to share this life.

Brian and his girls, Father's Day 2012

Happy Father's Day!

Saturday, June 16, 2012

Harper's Olympics, 2012

I think Harper is actually going to enjoy watching the Olympics this summer.  It has ALWAYS been a love of mine.  I especially love track and field and gymnastics.  I remember many a summers watching the Olympics with my family.  My mom and I still watch it and talk about all of the highlights and our favorites.  

I have a new favorite gymnast this year, but she won't be in the Olympic Games.  Ha!  My little Harper tried gymnastics after her love-hate relationship with ballet and tap came to an end in May.  At least I could use her leotard.  She calls is a "tard" and gymnastics "nastics." That is okay-she also calls waffles "awfuls," even though she likes them and they aren't awful.  But, I digress...

She LOVES LOVES LOVES gymnastics.  She didn't even start until half way through the session and then she missed two more classes due to us being out of town.  The girl is completely in love and I don't blame her-she is good!  For the record, I was not very into her being in gymnastics.  I don't know why.  I did it for a long time when I was young, and I think I was actually pretty good too.  I don't know what it is, but I was hesitant.  Well, then of course you know what will happen-the girl is crazy about it.  

Last week was the last week of the session and they had their "Olympics."  It was adorable.  First, they did their stretching and warm-up.

Next, she had a parade around the floor where everyone clapped.  Then it was on to the floor and "vault."  She did a back handspring,

practiced her jumps and landings, 

and worked on balance.  She was so fast!

Next up was bars.  She did the rings, parallel bars, and the high bar.  I can't believe how strong she is.  She did all of these by herself, and so quickly.  Sorry-I'm totally bragging on my girl.  I don't care.

She did some tumbling

 and more vault work.

Here she is waiting in line for her last event-the trampoline.  She is not a fan of the trampoline.  At least she can visit with friends, though!

At the end of the evening, all of the parents line up and cheer as each child mounts the podium to 1st place and receives a medal.  It looks like Harper is taking a bow here, but she was, in fact (and quite ironically), afraid of the height.  She was all smiles, though, when everyone cheered, "go Harper!"  I'm so proud of my girl.  I'm mostly proud that she found a little something that she absolutely loves to do.  

Thursday, June 7, 2012

Girls Trip 2012

For our 10 Year Reunion (from...COLLEGE!?), we decided this year to do a beach trip.  After our house fell through in January, one of our girls' dad offered his home to us.  So we headed to Grayton Beach for Memorial Day weekend.  I had a sitter for the girls on Thursday and little bit on Friday, and then Brian watched them the rest of the time.  I had the BEST TIME with my girlfriends.
Liz made us t-shirts for the weekend!
MacKenzie and her amazing dad, Hank.  He was the PERFECT, BEYOND AMAZING host for the weekend.  He made us breakfast every morning, set up our chairs on the beach early, did our grocery shopping, and is such a fun guy!

On alligator lake, with the compound in the background

Photo on the beach at night

Us in the AMAZING water.  Look at the gulf!  It is crystal clear.
Meghan, Christy, Me, MacKenzie, Liz, and LeeAnn

Christy and MacKenzie

Liz and LeeAnn

Mimosas on the deck 

Meghan mailing our care package to Chris in Afghanistan

Meghan and I went paddle boarding!  That's me-the short one :)  Yes, that water is real!

The girls and our Tervis tumblers
LeeAnn, Christy, Liz, Me, MacKenzie, and Meghan

enjoying our last night at the Wittens
surprising LeeAnn with a baby shower!

I am so glad I got to go on that trip!  I had a wonderful time catching up with everyone and having some serious down time for a few days.  Happy 10 years, girls!  

horsing around

It has been a while and I HAVE to get back on track.  The girls are keeping me busy, and I'm definitely taking pictures-I just can't get those pictures onto the computer and into the blog.  Ha!  The girls play and play all of the time now.  Kate is into giving Harper hugs too and that is the sweetest thing ever.  Kate runs around saying 4 words:  "Mama," "Da-da," "Dar-Dar" (Harper), and "Jar-Jar" (Georgia).  Ha!  I'll get to organizing and posting tonight.

Until then, let me pick up the living room, because these shenanigans happen about 10 times a day.