Monday, April 23, 2012

lovie dovie

I had pedicures with the Essie color Lovie Dovie before I had both of the girls.  I love that color-it is bright, feminine, and of course has the perfect name for a woman about to hold her tiny baby daughter.  I thought it only appropriate for Harper's first manicure.  I trimmed her nails after her bath and we sat at the kitchen table and painted her little fingernails.  They took one dip per hand-ha! 


She seemed to enjoy it too.  Today at ballet I had the best time watching her and thought how I was meant to have girls.  Harper loves to play outside and pick up worms and (gulp) mice, but at the same time she runs around in princess costumes and heels.  Here she is showing off her nails.  


  1. I feel the same way about being meant to have girls! They are so fun!!

  2. She makes the most precious faces!

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