Thursday, April 12, 2012

Kate's 1st Birthday Party

I've been meaning to post some pictures of Kate's 1st birthday party.  Brian's mom was here for a while and then we went out of town for Easter, so I've been busy busy.

We kept things pretty simple this year.  I remember when I tried to make all 48 of Harper's 1st birthday party cupcakes by scratch and I ended up melting them in the oven 15 minutes before the party because I didn't have enough counter space to store them so I thought, "why not the oven?"  So anyway, we ordered a honeybaked ham for lunch, ordered cupckaes from the grocery store, made a few sides and appetizers, and decorated the place for a bunny birthday party.  I made bunny and carrot sugar cookies for favors.

I ordered this cupcake dress for her when she was just born.  I saw it on Smocked Auctions on Facebook and thought it would be so cute for her 1st birthday.  She can also wear it to other birthday parties.

I strung her monthly photos up out of order on the mantel for a guessing game.  We also opened presents and attempted to watch a video diary of her first year (that was a big fail due to technical difficulties).

I made these cute cupcake toppers that I ordered from Etsy.

I made her a bunny cake to smash, but she just screamed at it and everyone who was singing "happy birthday" to her.  Ha!

It was so sad and cute at the same time because she rarely gets upset about things and is usually very social.  Oh my goodness, she was wailing and wanted nothing to do with the cake-smashing or eating.  Classic.

We just had a few friends over this time and I think this will be the way to go from here on out.  Big parties have been wearing me out (exhibit A:  cupcake story).  But, it was so nice to have Brian's mom here to help out, and we so loved having a day to celebrate our girl.  


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