Wednesday, April 4, 2012

Kate is 1 Year Old

Say it isn't so, Kate.  You are one.  I picked you up this morning, held you in my arms with your cheek pressed to mine, and while I smelled your lovely baby smell I closed my eyes and thought back to the day you were born.  I thought of going to the hospital, knowing I would hold you soon.

I thought of seeing you for the first time and the tears your daddy and I shared when he showed you to me.

I thought of holding you in my arms and how quickly you nursed and bonded with me.

I thought of holding you to my skin for the few days we were in the hospital and how much that one day changed our lives.  You are the light of our lives and we love you so much.

I feel so amazingly blessed by God to have you and your sister in our family.  Words could never express my gratitude.  Or my absolute love for you.

Kate, at one year old you

  • Weigh ?? (we'll go to the doctor this week)
  • Are so healthy-which is why we don't have your weight-ha!  I'll get it and update
  • Wear 12 month clothes and size 3 diapers
  • Eat well-you really prefer finger foods but eat pretty much everything.  You LOVE avocados.  Those are your new love.
  • Say "ba-ba," "mama," and "dada"  You really only say them when you're upset and want one of us.  But they're clear as day now and you're officially a talker, girl.
  • You babble all day long.  You really only take a pacifier in bed and I think that's why you're always talking.
  • Love to clap your hands.  You clap when you're happy and excited-and that is a lot!  Ha!
  • Go to sleep on your own so well.  You take your bottle and want in your bed as soon as it is gone.  Sometimes you talk and play in your crib before you fall asleep, but I haven't put you to bed asleep in months.  I love it and hate it, though, because I do not get that night time snuggle time with you.  But I'll take it!  
  • Sleep through the night, from 7-7 and take two naps a day.  You are on a schedule and it makes you such a happy girl.  I'm all for the schedule!
  • Play so well with Harper.
  • Climb!  You are past walking and now are into climbing-stairs, furniture, and toys
  • Are such a happy girl, Kate.  You have been a wonderful baby and now I guess you're a toddler!  You are the perfect piece for our family.  


  1. Happy Birthday Miss Kate! You are so precious- we miss you and your smile.

  2. What a precious post! Happy Birthday Kate!! Can't wait to see you next month Kristy!