Saturday, April 14, 2012

1 and 3 year checkups

We had the girls' checkups this week and they did great, as usual.  I LOVE our pediatrician and as soon as we walk in, she greets the girls and knows them so well.  I feel that these days, that is a special thing to have.  Sometimes when it is just Kate, Dr. P accidentally calls Kate "Harper" because she thinks they are so alike.

Harper walked right into the doctor's office and yelled out, "Dr. Chaney (our other pediatrician), we're heeeeeere!  Come and fix us!"  It was a hoot.

So they weighed in a 19 lbs. for Kate and 28 lbs. for Harper (both in the 25th percentile), and 30" long for Kate and 38" high for Harper (both in the 50-75th percentiles).  They're both right on the mark for their growth charts:  petite Wallaces.  They may be small physically, but these girls have BIG ambitions.  I'm having a hard time taming!

So now comes the weaning for Kate.  I'm taking away one bottle a week, so we should be finished in a month.  I'm sad, but at the same time excited for her to have a little bit more independence-and NO MORE BOTTLES TO WASH!  

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