Sunday, March 11, 2012

what a day!!!

We had a wonderful, wonderful weekend!  Our long-time friend, Kyle, and his wife came down from PA and we spent the weekend at the National Aquarium and the Smithsonian.  This is such a great place to live with kids-we are NEVER bored!  I left my camera in the car on Saturday, so I have zero aquarium pictures.  BUT, today was so beautiful so I took advantage!  Our day in images:

First, we stopped for lunch.  Kate and Harper are always making each other laugh.

Harper had fun with dinosaurs

Here we are at the Museum of Natural History.  Isn't the museum itself so pretty?

Harper learned about her birthstone.  She also saw the Hope Diamond and asked daddy to give it to her.  It's only 46 karats.

We brought the double and we needed it.  We walked for about 4 hours straight.  I could spend a week at the Smithsonian museums and still not even make a dent.

It was 65 and breathtaking

I had to supersize this picture of the girls

Harper being Harper

Kate's first trip to the mall

Harper chased kites

What a day!

We walked through the gardens on our way out.  So much goes into the details.
This garden is full of tulips just waiting to bloom!  

We ended the day with ice cream, a metro ride, and naps.  Harper will love this picture on her rehearsal dinner video.

I'm so glad spring is here and I have my wonderful family to share it with.

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