Wednesday, March 28, 2012

the forsythia is in bloom

This is my favorite part of spring.  

Now it will always remind me of this one-

it is her 1st birthday today.  Isn't she a love!?

She and her sister got into the birthday ribbon the other day.

This picture of Harper freaks me out.  It is like looking in the mirror for me.

We played at the park and took pictures with our new camera.

They sat for a few...with bribes and tickling.

Happy Spring!

Wednesday, March 21, 2012

my girlies

The girls have been playing so well lately.  Harper has become the BEST big sister.  She is just the sweetest.  Today she wanted to dress up and she picked out a skirt for Kate to wear.  She also always gives Kate toys so that she can play too.  Kate just follows Harper everywhere and lights up whenever she sees her.  Sometimes I think she's trying to say "Harper," but all she gets out is either "ha" or "pa."  

Monday, March 19, 2012

Ski Trip, 2012

I've never EVER skied and Brian has only skied once.  We thought it would be fun to go now that I'm finally not pregnant and we can afford to go.  So, we loaded up the fam and headed to Vermont last month for a family vacation.  This was our first real vacation as a family of 4.

It takes 10 hours to get to Burlington, Vermont.  We left in the evening around 7 and the girls slept most of that evening.  We had a small issue when we got to the hotel for the night-transitions are not easy at 12 am-but other than that the girls were WONDERFUL on the road.  We got to Burlington, had lunch, and walked around a little bit to look at shops.  Our ski passes weren't valid until the next day so we took our time.  We had a WONDERFUL condo that we could ski in to.  

It was also HUGE!  We think they accidentally upgraded us because we had 3 bedrooms, 2 bathrooms, a washer and dryer, and two fireplaces.  It was heaven.  I told Brian that I never wanted to leave.

On top of that, the resort has the BEST kids program.  They're ranked #1 in North America every year for the best kids programs.  Harper had ski school from 9-4 every day (yes, 9-4!!!), and Kate went to dream day care from 8:30-4.  I don't think Kate wanted to leave.  Ha!  I kind of wanted to stay in there myself.  I can't say enough great things about the kids programs there.  Harper had the time of her life and was skiing on the first day.  Actually skiing all by herself.  She had just turned 3 the weekend before, so I couldn't believe it.

Harper is on the ski lift, sitting on the right with the pink helmet.

Needless to say, we were all worn out by dinner time.  So, we usually ate, lounged in our pajamas, and turned in early.

I also skied and loved it.  Brian and I had a few private lessons and that made a huge difference.  I was hesitant to go on a ski trip because I do NOT like the cold, but I had the best time.  I can't wait to go again next year.

Tuesday, March 13, 2012

Payback (also titled, Harper Starts Ballet and Tap)

Well, it was bound to day.
Yesterday I was paid back for all of the torture I must have put my mother through.  Harper started ballet and tap.
Last week we went to get her a leotard (she calls it a "tard"), tights, ballet slippers, and tap shoes.  She was beside herself with excitement and joy that she was going to be a "ballerina princess."  

During Kate's nap yesterday, the two of us got her suited up for her first ballet session.  She loved her outfit and I told her to show me some ballerina moves.  It was adorable, and I was (and am) so in love with my little girl.  She's a spirited one, to say the least, but she is so sweet and deep down wants me to like and approve of her.  

Then Kate woke up and we headed for class!  She loves any kind of class so she ran in and sat down with all of the other girls.  And that was probably my proudest moment...of the whole class.  Ha!!  

From then on she was all over the place, breakdancing during Swan Lake (yes, I unfortunately taught her those moves), refusing first position and instead doing the splits in the mirror, and smiling and waving to me the whole time instead of listening to Ms. Kelly.  Oh, Harper Rose.  What am I going to do with you? 


I will say that by the end, there was some order and she seemed to be coming around a little.  We have 7 more weeks of the spring session.  Here we gooooo!

Here she is "galloping."


Sunday, March 11, 2012

what a day!!!

We had a wonderful, wonderful weekend!  Our long-time friend, Kyle, and his wife came down from PA and we spent the weekend at the National Aquarium and the Smithsonian.  This is such a great place to live with kids-we are NEVER bored!  I left my camera in the car on Saturday, so I have zero aquarium pictures.  BUT, today was so beautiful so I took advantage!  Our day in images:

First, we stopped for lunch.  Kate and Harper are always making each other laugh.

Harper had fun with dinosaurs

Here we are at the Museum of Natural History.  Isn't the museum itself so pretty?

Harper learned about her birthstone.  She also saw the Hope Diamond and asked daddy to give it to her.  It's only 46 karats.

We brought the double and we needed it.  We walked for about 4 hours straight.  I could spend a week at the Smithsonian museums and still not even make a dent.

It was 65 and breathtaking

I had to supersize this picture of the girls

Harper being Harper

Kate's first trip to the mall

Harper chased kites

What a day!

We walked through the gardens on our way out.  So much goes into the details.
This garden is full of tulips just waiting to bloom!  

We ended the day with ice cream, a metro ride, and naps.  Harper will love this picture on her rehearsal dinner video.

I'm so glad spring is here and I have my wonderful family to share it with.

Wednesday, March 7, 2012

Kate is 11 months old

Kate, you are 11 months old.  You walk, you talk, and you are such a character!  You are so funny!  You love to do things just to make us laugh.  It cracks you up!  So at 11 months you are
  • weigh??? I don't know!  We'll find out soon. 
  • wear a size 3 diaper and 12 months clothes
  • are so friendly and sweet.  You are smitten with your father!
  • eat all kinds of food.  you love steamed broccoli and steamed peas; you also eat macaroni and cheese like it is going out of style
  • walk everywhere.  You don't really crawl anymore!
  • takes 2 naps a day and sleep from 7 to 7
  • love to goof around with Harper; the two of you laugh and play all day long
  • aren't a rocker; you take your bottle and want to get in your crib
  • are a mess in the bathtub!  You love to take baths and want to climb all over the tub.
  • have 6 teeth-4 upper and 2 lower
  • say "mamma" and "dada"
  • wave and clap
  • love music and dance when you hear it
5 Months Old

11 months old

Kate, you are so sweet and I love you to pieces.  I can't believe you'll be a year old next month.  I can't believe that almost a year ago I was holding you for the first time in the hospital.  You were such an eater!  Ha!  You were a little snuggler even then.  You just wanted to lay skin-to-skin the whole time and snuggle.  I love who you are now and am excited to see who you'll become.