Tuesday, February 21, 2012

Harper's Birthday P-arrrgh-ty!

Harper has a recent obsession with pirates and princesses.  Can you say, "Jake and the Neverland Pirates?"  So, we had a Pirate Princess Birthday Party for the little 3 year old.

Luke-Harper and Luke play pirate and princess ALL of the time!  
She-She (Lindsay) and Maddie

Me and my friend Lisa

I sent out email invitations and decided to do no presents this year.  Harper's birthday is so close to Christmas, plus she has grandparents 1,000 miles away who love to spoil her for her birthday.  Those were plenty of presents for a little 3 year old.  So we did no presents and gave people the option to donate to St. Jude.  We actually raised a bunch of money!

my littlest princess

We picked a big bounce place for her party and it was so nice.  I just brought all of the stuff and they set it up.  I will say it was impossible to get good pictures of the kids playing because they were moving and bouncing everywhere!  

Violet and Harper.  Violet is the sweetest little girl I've ever met!  Harper loves Violet!  

After the kids jumped we had pizza and cupcakes!  The kids' goody bags had pixie dust (stix), princess wands, a pirate sword, princess fruit snacks, and gold treasure (gold foil-wrapped chocolate pieces).  

Do you like the Pirate's Booty?  We also had (root) Beer..arrgh!


I love Frankie and John-John's island gear!   

Sunny and Lila!


 Happy Birthday, sweet girl!  

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