Thursday, January 5, 2012

Kate is 9 months old

Kate, you are one spunky nine-month old!  I always thought you'd be quirky and you certainly are.  You are a smiler, a cruiser, and tenacious little firecracker.  You're always full of energy!

At nine months you

  • weigh about 18 pounds (we'll find out stats next week)
  • wear size 3 diapers and 9 or 12 month clothes
  • sleep on the lowest setting of your crib
  • sleep from about 7 to 7 and nap twice a day at consistent times...your mommy is a nerdy rule follower and has you on a predictable schedule
  • do NOT want a bottle or soothing from your dad-you're very picky about the bottle thing and it makes him kind of sad but...
  • CRAWL as fast as your little body can TO YOUR DADDY the minute he walks in the door.  Your sister is fast, but you're fast and furious-ha!  your little hands go "slap-slap-slap-slap" as you race across the floor to him.  It is the highlight of my day!
  • light up when your sister plays with you or tries to make you smile.  You love her more than anyone, I think and you're always watching her.  Harper sings to you, tickles you, and brings you a pacifier so you are both really getting along as buddies...please last, please last, please last...
  • are still doing bottles and baby food, and still hate green vegetables.  Maybe we'll try some steamed peas tomorrow?
  • STAND and CRUISE!  You are on the move, girl and don't sit still for anything.  You're just like Harper in that regard.  You'll be walking in no time!
  • are so easy to take places.  You are always just taking it all in.  People in stores get a kick out of you. You typically have this matter-of-fact look on your face and I think it cracks people up.  
  • are so petite!  I can't believe the personality that comes out of that little body.
  • are curious and mischievous.  You get in to everything.  One of your favorite spots is the dishwasher.  Here I opened the dishwasher and I immediately heard it from afar:  "slap-slap-slap" of your little hands on the floor racing you to the dishwasher!  You also like to look at your reflection in the glass door of the wine cooler.
  • love bath time
  • enjoy "reading" books and turning the page
  • go by the nicknames "Katybug" (all of us call you that) or "mia" (mom) or "bo-bo head"  You're probably a little confused 

We love you Kate!  


  1. One other thing: You look like your mama did at that age!

  2. Harper and Elizabeth remind me so much of each other but Kate and Caroline are so different. C is still sleeping at the top of her crib. But she doesn't like green veggies either. I started adding cereal go it so she tolerates it ag least. Worth a try.