Monday, January 23, 2012

iphone drop

I've unloaded my iphone pics and there are some cuties from the past couple of weeks.  Here's what we've been up to

I came up with these cute canvas photo crafts for moms club this month and they turned out so cute.  This was Harper's first day of school.

I redecorated the mantel with a family picture, the canvas craft, and the JOY letters-I think it looks so cute.  We have a long but shallow mantel and I'm always wondering how to arrange it.  

Kate had her 9 month checkup and she is such a little charmer.  She never even cries when they give her a shot.  Now later, she's definitely cranky, but she's always such a good patient.

AND....drum roll please!  Kate took her first steps yesterday!!!!! Brian got home from out of town and just in time.  She only took one step each time, but she did it 4 times.  

Harper had her second hair cut last week.  They cut it too short for our taste, but she looks pretty cute with a bow in it.  

We've had to install a video monitor for safety reasons with Harper.  We've had quite the battle with the toddler bed lately.  She's also dropped her naps, so I literally have zero time for myself these days.  Oh well!  Note the time on the monitor, and note that she's NOT in her bed.  HA!

And finally, the girls took their first bath together this week.  Kate has taken one with Harper while still in her infant tub, but this was the first time they did this together.  It worked out great and was super fun for Kate.  I think Harper wanted more water :)  

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