Saturday, January 7, 2012

Harperisms and Soccer Mom

Harper is almost 3 and turning into a little girl.  This is the first time I've really noticed how BIG she is getting and I have to say it makes me kind of sad.  But on the other hand, she can be hilarious with the things she says.  I have to laugh at these mostly because she's learned them from me!

-Where is my father?
she loves to say the word father and I think she learned it from my frequent question, "where is your father?"

-I love you too.
even when no one else said it

-It's special.
as in "special movie" or "special treat" or "special dress" and it is always in a whisper

-GOOD morning, mommy, it is time to wake up!

-Are you okay, kids?
she said this the other day in the car when we hit a bump

She's been getting into a lot of trouble with this one.  Instead of "no" she says "never."  She did NOT learn that from me-I think she learned it from The Princess and the Frog...thanks again, Disney.

-I don't want another daddy
She said this to Brian while they were hugging good night.  

My little peanut is growing up so fast!

I'm proud to say that as of this morning, I'm officially a Soccer Mom!  Ha!!!! It really isn't about me-it is about my little girl going to her first soccer practice this morning.  Brian took her and then I met up with them when Kate woke from her morning nap.  

Harper did great, and from what I hear was a little ham!  Surprise!  When the coach was doing a drill, she dribbled the ball all the way down the field, kicked a goal from pretty far out, scored, and yelled, "scorrrrrrrrre!"  Brian said everyone was cheering a laughing.  You go girl...and then get back in line!  

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