Monday, January 2, 2012

catching up

Where has the time gone!?  I just peeked into my photos and I don't have a single photo loaded for December.  Can it be!? 

Kate is so mobile and nearly walking and Harper has been wild and refusing naps and bedtime every single day, so I have really struggled to have any time to myself.  I haven't watched TV or read a book (except a desperately needed parenting book I'm trying to squeeze in), and I can barely get the laundry baskets emptied into the dressers.  This is just a really tough time right now.  I completely missed a birthday party the other afternoon and I told my friend, "I think I'm losing my mind."  Ha!  

Now both girls have a stomach virus and I've been changing them and cleaning up after them all afternoon.  I'm going to try to sit down some time tomorrow and unload my camera from Christmas and try to get ready for 2012.  Here we go!


  1. Thinking about you and hoping that life settles down soon and you get some much-needed time to yourself.

  2. I've missed you on here! I'm sorry your girls are sick. We've been sick a lot too.