Monday, January 23, 2012

iphone drop

I've unloaded my iphone pics and there are some cuties from the past couple of weeks.  Here's what we've been up to

I came up with these cute canvas photo crafts for moms club this month and they turned out so cute.  This was Harper's first day of school.

I redecorated the mantel with a family picture, the canvas craft, and the JOY letters-I think it looks so cute.  We have a long but shallow mantel and I'm always wondering how to arrange it.  

Kate had her 9 month checkup and she is such a little charmer.  She never even cries when they give her a shot.  Now later, she's definitely cranky, but she's always such a good patient.

AND....drum roll please!  Kate took her first steps yesterday!!!!! Brian got home from out of town and just in time.  She only took one step each time, but she did it 4 times.  

Harper had her second hair cut last week.  They cut it too short for our taste, but she looks pretty cute with a bow in it.  

We've had to install a video monitor for safety reasons with Harper.  We've had quite the battle with the toddler bed lately.  She's also dropped her naps, so I literally have zero time for myself these days.  Oh well!  Note the time on the monitor, and note that she's NOT in her bed.  HA!

And finally, the girls took their first bath together this week.  Kate has taken one with Harper while still in her infant tub, but this was the first time they did this together.  It worked out great and was super fun for Kate.  I think Harper wanted more water :)  

Wednesday, January 18, 2012

Christmas wrap up

It is about time to wrap up Christmas posts, dontchathink!?  Ha!  I'm going to get back into the swing of things one of these days. 

We had a nice Christmas morning.  Harper and Kate opened presents, we had a breakfast casserole, and then Susan and I got to cooking!  Our dinner was awesome, if I do say so myself!  We had ham, mashed potatoes, sweet potato casserole, sausage-cranberry-apple stuffing, cranberry sauce, bacon wrapped green beans, (hungry yet?), squash casserole, gravy, salad, and rolls.  Then I made a chocolate pecan pie with homemade whipped cream for dessert (like we had room!).  

There was a lot of football watching, napping, and playing.  

We feel so blessed to have so much love in our lives and we had a very Merry Christmas!

Wednesday, January 11, 2012

Christmas 2012, continued

This Christmas Eve we laughed a lot

and built a gingerbread house with Pop

and watched

and at least tried not to eat any of it (okay, she didn't even try)

and met Santa for the first time

and got scared of Santa for the first (and third) time

and sat with him after he used a special toy as bribery

and watched Frosty the Snowman

and set out cookies and milk

and tried not to eat them too (okay, she didn't even try)

and laughed some more!

Sunday, January 8, 2012

this Christmas

This Christmas we took our time,


shared the joy of Christmas with others,

thought a lot about Jesus,

looked for our Elfette Jingle,

hung our stockings with care,

loved one another,

opened packages from grandma and grandpa,

snuggled with Rudolph,

and more...

Saturday, January 7, 2012

Harperisms and Soccer Mom

Harper is almost 3 and turning into a little girl.  This is the first time I've really noticed how BIG she is getting and I have to say it makes me kind of sad.  But on the other hand, she can be hilarious with the things she says.  I have to laugh at these mostly because she's learned them from me!

-Where is my father?
she loves to say the word father and I think she learned it from my frequent question, "where is your father?"

-I love you too.
even when no one else said it

-It's special.
as in "special movie" or "special treat" or "special dress" and it is always in a whisper

-GOOD morning, mommy, it is time to wake up!

-Are you okay, kids?
she said this the other day in the car when we hit a bump

She's been getting into a lot of trouble with this one.  Instead of "no" she says "never."  She did NOT learn that from me-I think she learned it from The Princess and the Frog...thanks again, Disney.

-I don't want another daddy
She said this to Brian while they were hugging good night.  

My little peanut is growing up so fast!

I'm proud to say that as of this morning, I'm officially a Soccer Mom!  Ha!!!! It really isn't about me-it is about my little girl going to her first soccer practice this morning.  Brian took her and then I met up with them when Kate woke from her morning nap.  

Harper did great, and from what I hear was a little ham!  Surprise!  When the coach was doing a drill, she dribbled the ball all the way down the field, kicked a goal from pretty far out, scored, and yelled, "scorrrrrrrrre!"  Brian said everyone was cheering a laughing.  You go girl...and then get back in line!  

Thursday, January 5, 2012

Kate is 9 months old

Kate, you are one spunky nine-month old!  I always thought you'd be quirky and you certainly are.  You are a smiler, a cruiser, and tenacious little firecracker.  You're always full of energy!

At nine months you

  • weigh about 18 pounds (we'll find out stats next week)
  • wear size 3 diapers and 9 or 12 month clothes
  • sleep on the lowest setting of your crib
  • sleep from about 7 to 7 and nap twice a day at consistent times...your mommy is a nerdy rule follower and has you on a predictable schedule
  • do NOT want a bottle or soothing from your dad-you're very picky about the bottle thing and it makes him kind of sad but...
  • CRAWL as fast as your little body can TO YOUR DADDY the minute he walks in the door.  Your sister is fast, but you're fast and furious-ha!  your little hands go "slap-slap-slap-slap" as you race across the floor to him.  It is the highlight of my day!
  • light up when your sister plays with you or tries to make you smile.  You love her more than anyone, I think and you're always watching her.  Harper sings to you, tickles you, and brings you a pacifier so you are both really getting along as buddies...please last, please last, please last...
  • are still doing bottles and baby food, and still hate green vegetables.  Maybe we'll try some steamed peas tomorrow?
  • STAND and CRUISE!  You are on the move, girl and don't sit still for anything.  You're just like Harper in that regard.  You'll be walking in no time!
  • are so easy to take places.  You are always just taking it all in.  People in stores get a kick out of you. You typically have this matter-of-fact look on your face and I think it cracks people up.  
  • are so petite!  I can't believe the personality that comes out of that little body.
  • are curious and mischievous.  You get in to everything.  One of your favorite spots is the dishwasher.  Here I opened the dishwasher and I immediately heard it from afar:  "slap-slap-slap" of your little hands on the floor racing you to the dishwasher!  You also like to look at your reflection in the glass door of the wine cooler.
  • love bath time
  • enjoy "reading" books and turning the page
  • go by the nicknames "Katybug" (all of us call you that) or "mia" (mom) or "bo-bo head"  You're probably a little confused 

We love you Kate!  

Kate's Baptism

Kate was Baptized on December 18th at St. Mary's Church in Annapolis.  

She wore the same gown as Harper, and although it was in the middle of her nap time, she was a perfect little baby the whole time.  Her godparents, Mark and Lindsay, were there and they gave her a cross for her room and an engraved silver cup.  They are dear friends to me and Brian and are always supportive of our girls and family.  We love them like family.

I was a little sad that our family couldn't be there, but Mimi and Pop came to visit soon after and my mom is coming this month to visit too.  The girls are certainly spoiled, even if from afar.

Uncle Drew was with us too.  Harper LOVES Drew!  One morning she asked me, "where's my father?" And I said, "he's right here."  She responded, "nooo, where's my other father?"  HA!  

Afterwards we had a little party at our house for Christmas and to celebrate Kate.  We had a bunch of kids here and it was really fun to visit with everyone.  Here are Maddy and Kate.  Aren't they the cutest!?

We were kind of waiting a while to see if we'd Baptize her in Memphis, where Harper was Baptized and Brian and I were married.  But, as time went on we decided to do it here, mostly because traveling with the four of us is kind of hard right now and we didn't plan on going back to Memphis any time soon.

My sweet little Kathryn Ann.  What a blessing she is!  

Monday, January 2, 2012

catching up

Where has the time gone!?  I just peeked into my photos and I don't have a single photo loaded for December.  Can it be!? 

Kate is so mobile and nearly walking and Harper has been wild and refusing naps and bedtime every single day, so I have really struggled to have any time to myself.  I haven't watched TV or read a book (except a desperately needed parenting book I'm trying to squeeze in), and I can barely get the laundry baskets emptied into the dressers.  This is just a really tough time right now.  I completely missed a birthday party the other afternoon and I told my friend, "I think I'm losing my mind."  Ha!  

Now both girls have a stomach virus and I've been changing them and cleaning up after them all afternoon.  I'm going to try to sit down some time tomorrow and unload my camera from Christmas and try to get ready for 2012.  Here we go!