Friday, December 9, 2011

Matt and Kathryn visit

Matt and Kathryn came from North Carolina to visit the weekend before Thanksgiving.  We LOVE it when they visit!  They're such good friends and our girls love playing together.  

Harper and Avery wore their usual.  Who knew there were TWO Rapunzels?  

They had tickle-tantrums with Brian.  

Kathryn and I went to the club in our neighborhood for a wine tasting night.  The next night, a brave babysitter came for a couple of hours while we went out to dinner.  Then the guys stayed out late and Kathryn and I came home.  

Matt and Brian took Harper and Avery to the zoo one day and Kathryn and I went where else-shopping! with Kate and Olivia.  

We made s'mores on the last night-that was so fun!

Harper and Avery shared their favorite iPad serious!

And we all got to meet the adorable Olivia!  

We had such a great time.  We've going to start planning Beach Trip 2012!

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