Tuesday, December 13, 2011

stayin' in

We've been staying in a lot lately and I'm getting cabin fever.  The girls have both been sick and I just can't take them anywhere right now.  I ran to Target for diapers and formula and that was a nightmare.  Harper gets pretty cranky when she's not feeling well.  I think they're both finally getting well, so we may venture out tomorrow.

So here are some weekly random iPhone pictures!

I opened the door the other day to a huge box on our front porch.  I called to Harper to hurry and come see the package.  Then I saw the little door cut out at the bottom of the box and I realized, this will be the greatest package Harper will receive this season.  Our wonderful neighbors Beth and Rick had a big box and thought of Harper.  Rick cut the door out and put the box on our front porch.  They're hilarious-and BRILLIANT!  

Harper and Kate have been playing in it non-stop for days.  Brian embellished it with some Sharpies.  

This little monkey has given me quite a 3 weeks.  She's had 2 pretty bad viruses and a double ear infection.  She's been a little clingy, but still smiling! And cruising and standing!  She can cruise a few steps and can stand on her own with no hands.  She's...determined.

Harper's school photos came in and they're adorable.  Here's her little class.  There's no doubt in my mind that she was the last to sit down and that's why she's sitting right next to her teacher.  Her teacher probably has a tight grip on the back of Harper's shirt.

She's such a ham!

Harper never cuddles or sleeps like this so we know she didn't feel well.  Poor baby.  Brian, however, was in heaven.  He loves his Harper.

Let's read, mommy!

Christmas is right around the corner and I can't wait!  We went holiday shopping and have everything ready.  I just need to get stocking stuffers and start wrapping!  Hopefully the girls will be well and they're just getting this out of their systems.

Friday, December 9, 2011

Matt and Kathryn visit

Matt and Kathryn came from North Carolina to visit the weekend before Thanksgiving.  We LOVE it when they visit!  They're such good friends and our girls love playing together.  

Harper and Avery wore their usual.  Who knew there were TWO Rapunzels?  

They had tickle-tantrums with Brian.  

Kathryn and I went to the club in our neighborhood for a wine tasting night.  The next night, a brave babysitter came for a couple of hours while we went out to dinner.  Then the guys stayed out late and Kathryn and I came home.  

Matt and Brian took Harper and Avery to the zoo one day and Kathryn and I went where else-shopping! with Kate and Olivia.  

We made s'mores on the last night-that was so fun!

Harper and Avery shared their favorite iPad games...so serious!

And we all got to meet the adorable Olivia!  

We had such a great time.  We've going to start planning Beach Trip 2012!

Wednesday, December 7, 2011

Kate is 8 months old!

Kathryn Ann, you are the sweetest, HAPPIEST baby I have ever met.  You're usually either raising your eyebrows in question at what we're all doing or smiling the biggest, most delightful smile.  

At 8 months you

Weigh 17 lbs., 6 oz.
Wear size 3 diapers and 9-12 month clothes
Have 2 little bottom teeth

Babble "ba-ba," "da-da," and "ma-ma" and click your tongue
Sit, crawl, stand, and sort-of cruise!  You're always on the move!
Eat 3 meals a day plus bottles; you still hate peas or anything green

Nap 2 times a day and sleep from 7 to 7
Love bath time
Put everything in your mouth! ev-er-y-thing
Love Georgia and Harper

Are a little particular about who gives you a bottle-you want your mommy!
Laugh and laugh when we tickle you or throw you in the air
Like to bounce and play in your excersaucer


Kate, you're a wonderful baby!  You're definitely a handful with your curiosity and determination and we wouldn't have it any other way!

the storm

It is so funny to me-my last post was "calm before the storm" and guess what-the storm hi!  We've had lots of visitors, 2 rounds of viruses hit Kate, potty training success (a little too successful-I'll explain later), Thanksgiving, an 80-child holiday party, and now it is already Christmas!  I'll post updates from the last few weeks soon.  First I have to get Kate's 8 month post up!