Friday, November 18, 2011

calm before the storm

Well, its the calm before the holiday storm around here!  We've been relaxing and I'm trying to keep the girls healthy before the holidays.  Harper likes to sit and feed her sister puffs (because then Harper gets a little snack too, apparently).  Kate is doing great at feeding herself finger foods.  It is actually hilarious to watch her dive for them when I put them on her tray.

Brian has been working a ton and trying to sneak in quality time with the girls early in the morning or as soon as he gets home before they go to bed.  The girls love their daddy!  Kate crawls right for him as soon as he comes into the room.

And here's the munchkin standing and grabbling toys from her basket.  She is so determined.  That's my new word for her.  Harper is energetic and Kate is determined.  

Well, and happy.  She's getting her two front teeth right now and that's not fun, but other than that she is the happiest little baby I've ever seen.

Harper has gone two days with no accidents in her underwear and even went by herself at the gym while I was working out.  She's doing great!!!

I need to go get more chairs for our dining room and I'm thinking of getting some that aren't so match-matchy.  Maybe some upholstered ones for the ends?  Or put a bench on one side and two chairs on the other?  I'd like to do it before the holidays hit.  Thoughts?


Friday, November 11, 2011

Friday randoms

So what's going on around here?  Well, Kate is STANDING!  I can't even believe it.  She's still very wobbly and obviously holds on to something to stand up, but my goodness she's so little to be standing up.  She is definitely Brian's daughter.  Ha!  I'll get a picture of it as soon as I come out of my shock.

And who is definitely my daughter?  Well, little Miss Harper Rose.  She has been the most stubborn kid in the world about this potty training.  But, I think we're finally making progress.  She had only one accident today and even sat on the toilet for me at the store.  I've just said, "we're doing this" and pushed through all of the accidents and tantrums.  I feel like I've had to do that with everything with her.  I'm not complaining by any means.  I love my sweet girl-no matter how head-strong she is.  I'm so proud of her (even though I know literally everyone accomplishes this).  

I finally put the girls' handprint pictures up in the upstairs landing.  The Wallace's gave us the cute canvas and my dad made the handprint frames.  I grew up with those in my house and it is so fun to pass that tradition down to my girls.  

This is what it says.  Sorry-had to use a flash because the light is out in the hallway.

We're having a beautiful fall here-as usual.  The weather was beautiful all week and we finally hit a cold snap today.  It was raining leaves everywhere.

So that's our exciting life for now.  I'm looking forward to a quiet weekend.  We may build a fire in the fireplace.  I plan on planting some pansies and kale in the yard.  And I'm going to snuggle with all my cuties.  

Sunday, November 6, 2011

Kate is 7 months old

Kate, you are such a wonderful baby and I love who you are becoming.  You're always smiling and bring us so much joy with your big hugs and cuddles.  Everywhere we go, people talk about how happy you are.  You're also very observant- you're just taking it all in.

At 7 months you
-Wear 6-12 month clothes and size 2 diapers (you could maybe wear 3 but I have about 300 free 2's left so...)
-Weigh 15 pounds
-CRAWL everywhere.  You do not sit still.  You've been crawling for exactly one month and you haven't stopped except to eat and sleep.  You're a mover like the rest of your family-ha!
-Sit on your own and go from sitting to crawling and back again-seems so simple but it is so cool to me

drool anyone? ha!
-Pull up to your knees and a few times to your toes.
-Give the biggest smile when I come in to get you in the morning.  You have very deep eyes and they just light up.
-Sit in your highchair to eat
-SLEEP THROUGH THE NIGHT! You sleep from 7 to 7 and take a nap at 9 and 1

-Nurse 2 times a day and take formula bottles for about 4 other times
-Eat 3 baby food meals a day.
-Eat sweet potatoes (your favorite), peas, squash, rice cereal, prunes, apples, and pears.  You hate bananas (so did Harper).  We'll try some new foods next week.  You also love to eat MumMum rice teething biscuits.

-Sleep on your belly.
-Put everything in your mouth
-Are finally doing better on car rides.  You've actually "found" me in the baby view mirror that I use to see you.  My reflection bounces back to you and you smile (surprise) at me.
-Babble all of the time.  I'm starting to point out words to you like "cat," "dog," "bottle," "eat," "sister," "mommy," and "daddy."
-LOVE to read books.  Your arms and legs get to flapping around with excitement whenever I get one out!  Ha!  Your favorite is In My Nest.  You love books so much that when I put them away, you crawl over to the book basket and pull them out.

-Love to play with Georgia
-Will sit in your excersaucer or bouncer for a little while but would rather move around on the floor.

 3 months
 7 months
We love you Kate!  You've finally really connected with your father and I see you connecting with your sister too.  It makes me so happy to see you happy-and to see your world filled with love.  

Wednesday, November 2, 2011

Disney Princesses on Ice

I can't believe I typed that title for today's post.  Brian and I took the girls to see Disney's Princesses on Ice in Baltimore.  We went on Sunday afternoon and it was so wonderful.  I was nervous that it would be obnoxious-I pictured thousands of screaming little girls and cheesy music.  But, I was pleasantly surprised. The kids were all in such awe and they were all so cute in their princess outfits.  Harper had a blast!  Look at our crazy seats!  That would be Brian's doing...


and speaking of Brian-he is in trouble with these two girls.  He S-P-O-I-L-S his Harper Rose.  She got a crown, a magic wand, cotton candy, AND a snow cone.  Good grief, Brian!  

Kate was a little trooper too.  She loved watching the lights and pretty colors.

As soon as we walked in to the arena, Brian and I said it brought back memories of when we were kids and we'd go to things like this with our parents.  With this and Halloween, I'm really starting to "get it" lately.  Making memories and seeing the joy on the kids' faces are so worth each and every late night feeding, pocket full of dirty kleenexes, and missed date night.  The joy is truly priceless.