Tuesday, October 4, 2011

Kate is 6 months old

It is hard to believe that Kate is half a year old!  She's wonderful!
Kate, at 6 months old, you
  • weigh 14 pounds, 6 oz 
  • wear size 2 diapers and 6 to 9 month clothes
  • sleep from 7 to 7 and take two naps a day all in your crib
  • scoot everywhere on your belly and CRAWLED TODAY for the first time!  it was short but definitely a real crawl!
  • laugh and smile all of the time 
  • do NOT like to be alone or in the car seat 
  • eat about 7 times a day, at least once in the middle of the night
  • eat rice cereal and just had your first taste of a vegetable:  sweet potato (you had a mixed reception to that)
  • love to watch Harper play
  • love to play with Georgia and laugh when she licks your hand or face
  • are starting to sit up on your own
  • play in the excersaucer and jumperoo 
  • have a very strong attachment to your mom
  • can sit in the stroller
  • love to lay on my belly and play with my face and hair
  • give me big hugs by wrapping your arms around my neck-it is the sweetest thing- and then open-mouth slobbering all over my face.  This tickles you to no end and we both laugh and laugh!

You are an original and we're enjoying seeing your spunky personality blossom.  To me, you're a funny girl.  You're so observant and sweet and funny. We love you, sweet Kate!

one-month old Kate

 6-month old Kate

 Harper at 6 months
(I think Kate looks more like me and Harper looks more like Brian)

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