Wednesday, October 12, 2011

It's football time in Tennessee

Even the sky was ORANGE
I said it's great to be a Tennessee Vol!

This past weekend I drove to Tennessee with my friend Jamie for a little girls' weekend.  Truth be told, Brian and I can't take the girls all that way, and with no family around we have to "take turns" for UT games.  One day we'll be able to hack it, but not right now.  I picked that weekend because my sorority sisters tailgate was that weekend.

Jamie and I paid a visit to my old stomping ground, Calhouns on the River!  I worked there for three years in college and every time I go to Knoxville I have to stop in for some southern cooking and ribs.  Yum!  It is just as good as ever.

Then we headed over to Fiji island (frat row) to tailgate.  Every time I see these women, I feel like no one has changed or aged.  Isn't that funny?  To me, everyone is still the same.  Well, better, but the same.  To me, all of their good qualities are just amplified and matured.  Of course, instead of "what are you doing on Friday night?" we discuss things like "how's potty training going?" or "why doesn't the Fresh Beat Band tour?"  Ha!

Sadly, our Vols lost.  It was a beautiful night but we couldn't snag a win against Georgia.  I just keep saying that we're "rebuilding."  Jamie was such a sport to come a long way with me to Tennessee and I'm so glad we got to catch up and have another fun road trip.

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  1. Despite the somewhat questionable choice in teams and school colors, y'all look like you had a wonderful time. I am so sorry that I couldn't come, but we will make it work sometime soon. I leave you now with some words of wisdom... Roll Tide Roll!