Friday, October 28, 2011

growing so fast

Sweet Kate is crawling EVERYWHERE!  She's been crawling for almost a month and she is so fast I can barely keep up.  It is just so funny to see such a tiny little thing move around-and with such purpose.

She's also sitting by herself and pulling up onto her knees.  I saw her pull up to standing once this week-what!?

Excuse the squash all over her shirt. She is chowing down lately too.  We had a little bit of a hard time at first, but something just clicked and she eats great now!  So far, she's eaten rice cereal, sweet potatoes, squash, prunes, apple sauce, pears, and peas.  She also loves the vegetable Mum Mum teething biscuits.  I always had such a hard time getting Harper to eat when she was a baby but I have a few tricks I use to get Kate interested.  I also think she watches Harper eat and wants to eat like her.

Here's Harper at the same age-they're definitely sisters.

Here's a video of Kate I took a couple of weeks ago.  She's having a hard time crawling in her pj's but she's mobile nevertheless.

One thing I love is that Kate follows Harper everywhere.  It is so sweet.  Tonight Harper was jumping around and Kate was just laughing and laughing at her sister.  Harper said, "Kate is laughing at me!"  and kept making her laugh.  Oh, it just gets better and better!

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