Wednesday, October 26, 2011

fall festivities

We've been busy around here!  Kate is moving everywhere and we've been sucked into the one million fall festivities that go on around here in October.  Of course, I went to Target today and I couldn't believe my eyes:  green and red already!  For now, we're going to enjoy fall.

On Friday some friends came over for dinner.  One of Harper's best friends is a little boy named Luke.  For some reason, she really bonded with him (well, probably because he's so sweet and loves to chase her).  He brought her flowers and I just happen to have my camera out.  How cute is this little Romeo and Juliet moment?

Harper and Kate have been enjoying the beautiful weather with lots of time outside.  

On Saturday I hosted a kids halloween party at the local nursing home.  It was so cute to see the little kids in their costumes and then to see the joy on the residents' faces as the kids came in to trick or treat.  Here are Harper and Luke.  Harper looks so cute in her Nemo costume!  

I made these cute mummy pizza's with english muffins, mozzarella, marinara, and black olives-didn't they turn out cute?  So easy-bake at 375 for 10 minutes.

Then on Sunday afternoon we went to the neighborhood fall festival.  Brian took Harper and Kate to another one earlier this month but it was way too crowded.  This was pretty cute.  Harper jumped on the moon bounce, enjoyed a puppet show, played at the petting zoo, painted a pumpkin, ate cotton candy and popcorn, pet a pony (she still won't ride), and went on a hay ride.  

Kate fell asleep in the baby Bjorn-this never happens and I thought it was so cute.  I am pretty strict about her nap times being at home, but this was a special occasion so she napped on me.  

Here's Harper Rose petting the pony.  Of course, the pony's name was "princess" and Harper couldn't have been happier about that!  

Doesn't Brian look thrilled!?  Ha!  This was us on our hay ride.  

We plan on taking Harper trick-or-treating for the first time this year.  I hope she enjoys it!  I'm going to post some special pictures and a video of Kate tomorrow.  She is changing so much I can't keep up!  


  1. Way to go, Harper! You look through a magnifying glass JUST LIKE your Grandma does :)

  2. That little boy is probably so sweet because he has an awesome mom! We love Harper she is precious and we can't wait for Kate to play with Audrey!