Sunday, September 18, 2011

mimi and pop visit

We recently had a visit from Mimi and Pop while Brian and I went out of town for a friend's wedding.  We flew all the way to California for our dear friends' wedding and figured it best to have someone stay with the girls instead of take them with us.  It was HARD to leave them.  I have to say I pumped a lot of milk and did a lot of prepping for the trip, but it was well worth it.  They did GREAT with their grandparents.
So, in honor of Mimi and Pop and the WONDERFUL job and enormous love that they gave them while we were away, I'm doing a top 10.


10.  All of Harper's shoes are muddy (for a toddler that is a very good thing)

9.  Harper now likes to wear socks with her sandals...very stylish.

8.  When I ask Harper what she wants to make during our daily art time, she replies, "cupcakes!  pink cupcakes please!"

7.  At bedtime, Harper thinks it is necessary to read at least 10 books

6.  Harper calls the guest bed Mimi's bed

5.  There's a shortage of caffeinated beverages in our house

4.  Georgia wants a treat every time she goes to the bathroom :)

3.  EVERY single item of clothing in our house was washed and put away!

2.  I'm finding stickers in lots of nooks and crannies (can you see them here?)

And the number one sign that mimi and pop watched the girls for 4 days...

1.  They were sooooo happy when we returned.

Thank you Mimi and Pop!!!  We all love you!

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