Thursday, September 8, 2011

Kate is 5 months old

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I'm a little behind on posts because we've been running around and out of town.  I finally sat down to take pictures of Kate this morning.  She's growing so fast that I can't keep up!

Here's what you're up to little Katy-bug.  At 5 months you
  • weigh around 14 lbs. 
  • wear size 2 diapers, 6 months clothes, and 9 months pajamas; you're tall!
  • roll over non-stop!  It is hard to keep you off of your belly.  You love being on your belly and can even get up on your knees.  You'll be crawling in no time!
  • scoot and turn around on your belly
  • smile all of the time
  • not sure about the cereal thing
  • do not like rice cereal.  We tried for the first time and you shook your head in shock/disgust each bite.  It was funny (for me).  We'll keep trying
  • take one bottle of formula at night and nurse the rest of the time.  you eat around 28 oz. per day
  • teething, anyone?
  • do NOT sleep through the night.  You're up usually once or twice a night to eat.  You go to bed at 7 and wake up at 7.
  • take two naps:  one around 9:30 am and another around 1:30 pm
  • love to take naps in my arms.  I'm working on breaking that habit.
  • stare and stare at your sister.  You love to sit and watch her play.
  • don't like to ride in the carseat 
  • enjoy going for walks
  • like to snuggle with a blanket
  • like crinkling paper in your hands
  • are SUCH a happy baby.  You smile and smile and smile when I am with you.
  • sat up in your bouncy seat.  You're getting really strong and can almost sit by yourself. 

We love you, Kate.  Harper calls you "Katy bug" because we all say that.  You're such a sweet baby and bring all of us joy.

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  1. Doesn't it seem like your second baby is growing up even faster than your first? How is that possible?! I wish we could freeze this time. Your girls are precious.