Sunday, September 25, 2011

Jackie and Chad get married!

We went to my sister Jackie's wedding last weekend in Ohio and had a memorable weekend with our family.  Jackie is one of the most gracious and loving people I know and I'm so glad we got to celebrate with her.    
We brought the girls along and opted to fly considering Kate HATES the car and it seemed easier to just fly.  I've flown with Harper a bunch, but flying with two is much different.  Brian and I survived, though the people in the ticketing and security lines probably weren't our biggest fans.  I wish I had a picture of our luggage cart (which included, among other things, two car seats, a stroller, and [eventually] two pack and plays).  The girls did well except Harper has suddenly become afraid to fly and on each take-off and landing she was screaming, "we're going to fall!  The plane is going to fall down!"  Oh my goodness.  If that doesn't stir your own fears of flying, I don't know what will.

So we made it to Ohio, got our rental car, and checked into our hotel.  Brian went with Harper to Walmart to get a few things like diapers (they took up too much room in the suitcase) while I took a nap with Kate.  It wasn't long before we had to be at the church for the rehearsal and then off to the rehearsal dinner at Jackie and Chad's.  I forgot my camera, but both were nice and Harper Rose ran around and had the best time.  Jackie let her be a pretend flower girl at the rehearsal and she had her own little pink bouquet (Jackie gave her her favorite color) and ran around the church.  Jackie of course made everyone feel at home at the rehearsal dinner and gave the bridesmaids the sweetest gifts.  

The next morning the ladies went to get hair and makeup done at the salon.  I brought Kate with me while Brian went to my nephews' soccer games and then out to pizza.  Isn't it funny how the girls start the wedding at 7 am and the boys begin about an hour before the ceremony?  

in the parlor before the ceremony

Jackie's wedding color was blue and I thought everything looked so pretty.  She of course cried during the ceremony, as did I. 

Kyle and Jackie

Connor and Jackie

My two nephews gave her away at the wedding and it was so sweet.  I'm so happy for Jackie and Chad.  They really are wonderful together and I really trust him to be a wonderful husband to her.  

Brian wore his UT tie, despite our loss

my parents, married 33 years!

The reception was a blast.  One of the bridesmaids' sister watched our girls for us so we stayed for a while and enjoyed hanging out with our family.  So fun!

my parents dancing (yes, dad's shoes are off)

group hug!
Congratulations, Jackie and Chad.  We love you!!

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