Monday, September 26, 2011

girl time

we've been working on a playroom makeover-I'll post pictures when it is finally finished

As Kate grows, Harper plays more and more with her.  It just warms my heart to no end and I can't think of anything better.  It ranks up there with Kate's head smelling a little of both her baby shampoo and Brian's cologne.
kate is such a happy baby!

Kate can't wait to eat!  She's been doing great with rice cereal and we'll try veggies and fruit very soon.

is there anything cuter than when a baby sticks her little bottom up when she sleeps?

it ranks up there with little girls in tutus

Okay, these two are a mess.

Kate loves the jumper!

Lovvvvvves it!

or maybe she's laughing at Harper's ridiculous costume

We've been having a lot of girl time lately because both girls were sick last week with nasty sinus and ear infections.  Poor Kate had it the worst I think.  We ended up a chest x-ray for her because we couldn't get her fever down for almost 10 days.  Thankfully she did not have anything more than a cold and ear infection.  Then I had to take Harper BACK in today because she's been "off" and of course-ear infection there too.  Of course, I got the cold too, but there's no rest for Dr. Mom.

my little kate was not feeling well

Both girls are also changing so much lately.  Harper's vocabulary and language have just exploded!  She speaks in long sentences and with words she's only heard once in passing.  The other day I asked her to sing something to me and she said, "You do it mommy.  I'm just a kid."  She sings songs all of the time and picks them up in no time.  She's hilarious.  And she keeps Kate smiling.  That girl smiles all of the time.  She was so good when she was sick that I didn't even know she was sick except for her fever.  She laughs and talks and is doing GREAT with her rice cereal in the evenings.  She wants to EAT!  I can't wait for her to start trying new foods in a couple of weeks.  Sweet girl.  She's big enough to sit in her excersaucer and door frame jumper and she loves them.  Harper likes to move Kate in the jumper and they both laugh and laugh.  Kate could just sit and play with me and Harper all day long.  She's such a sweetheart.

I'm off to get some sleep, but I hope this satisfies the grandparents who've been aching for some pictures.  Good night!

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  1. It does, and then some. Thanks Kris!