Monday, August 1, 2011

Kate rolls over

Look at this little munchkin on her belly!  She rolled over and has rolled a few other times too.  It is so cute to see her growing, but knowing she's my last one makes these milestones a little bitter-sweet.  

Speaking of growing up, we went to a birthday party on Saturday for Harper's friend Barrett's 3rd birthday.  He's in our playgroup and seeing him turn 3 made me realize:  our little toddlers are becoming KIDS!  Harper and Luke are in this picture brushing one of the ponies at the party.  They had a pony to brush and put bows on (oh, Harper loved the pink bows on the pony) and a pony to ride.  

This is her putting another pink bow on the pony 

and this is her when I asked her if she wanted to ride the pony:

Ha!  All in all it was a wonderful party.  Harper was pretty cranky because we skipped a nap (bad move), but she loved being with her friends.  

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