Saturday, July 16, 2011

Winnie the Pooh

We took Harper to her first movie today and it was fantastic!  Winnie the Pooh was the perfect first movie movie and it couldn't have gone better.

We skipped a nap because the weather has been just too beautiful lately to sleep through.  After a morning of playing in the backyard and swimming at the pool with friends, we headed to the movie theater as a family.  Our plan was to just bring Kate in to the movie with the idea that I could leave and walk around the shopping center with Kate while Brian stayed with Harper, should things get hectic.  Kate slept through the whole movie in her sling, so I got to enjoy the movie too!

First, Harper handed her movie ticket to the girl at the ticket booth.  Then, she and Brian went to the snack bar to get popcorn and candy!  Harper loves popcorn, so she was excited.

I think at first she didn't know what to think of things-even though she'd been saying "pooh" all afternoon.  We ran into some friends, so we all got to sit together.  One thing we learned today is that the movie theater has booster seats.  So Brian got some booster seats for the kids and we all settled in for the movie.  Harper ate her popcorn, sat on Brian's lap for a little while and then something happened.  Harper left Brian to go sit next to...a boy.  Ha!  She decided that she wanted to sit next to Ryder.  Too cute.  I got a few shots before the movie, but I couldn't take any good ones during the movie-for obvious reasons.

Here are Meaghan and Ryder

Here's a picture of when we first sat down, before the booster seat.

Harper loved the movie and did so well the whole time.  It seems kind of silly to get all mushy over a movie, but that was a very special time for us.  Every once in a while, Brian and I exchange looks over something about our lives (the last time was when he brought Kate to meet me for the first time), and this was one of those times.  It was a very sweet day for us.


  1. So sweet! Harper knows how to pick 'em - Ryder is adorable!

  2. That looks like such a wonderful family time. So glad y'all had such a nice time. Too cute.