Sunday, July 10, 2011

Weekend update

We had a great weekend and it went by fast!  First, Drew came to visit to wrap up some med-school stuff.  We love it when he visits-especially Harper.  He is such a sweet friend.  

Drew and Harper watching Yo Gabba Gabba (in her Clemson orange for Drew)
double-take?  This is NOT Kate-it's Harper and Drew back in 2009
Also on Friday I met up with some friends for a play date at the mall.  I never let Harper play at mall playgrounds, buuuuut, this is a new playground for just 3 and under kids and it is so nice.  After that, the kids rode the train.  Alec rode with Harper so I could stay with Kate and all of the strollers.
Kate and I entertaining ourselves; she was cracking herself up!

Riding the train with all of the girls

On Saturday, after Drew left, we went to Meaghan and Kevin's pool in Annapolis with Lindsay and Mark and all of the kids.  That was so nice to just chill at the pool all afternoon.  After a quick stop at Meaghan and Kevin's, we went to Mexican Cafe for dinner.  Kate did pretty well considering we had her outside for about 5 hours that day.  She and Maddy enjoyed each other while Harper and Ryder played.  Harper loves Ryder and was talking about him all evening.  I wish I had a picture of them.  He's a-dor-a-ble.  On another note-Kate slept 12 hours last night (7 to 7) and it was wonderful!  We are going for that again tonight.

Madlyn and Kate (sorry it is a blurry iphone picture)

Today we went to church, breakfast, and babies-r-us.  Brian kept the girls during nap time and I met up with friends for pedicures.  That was wonderful.  After nap time, Brian popped popcorn and watched a little movie with Harper.  How cute!  We're planning on taking her to see her first movie next weekend:  Winnie the Pooh.  It is only an hour long and supposed to be a great "first movie" movie.  I think we're all going to go.  Brian is SO excited.  Who knew that Brian Wallace would one day be excited to go see Winnie the Pooh in the movie theater?  I love it!  

Katy bug playing with some tummy time.  Oh my, she looks JUST LIKE HARPER DID!  Need proof?  here:

They seriously look more and more like each other every day.  I guess we'll have another mini-brian around here.  
After movie time today, I got out some art supplies for Harper.  I bit the bullet and bought markers for Harper and she loved them.  I've been a little timid about giving her markers...for obvious reasons.  I came over and couldn't believe it-she was drawing circles!  That's a pretty big deal for her because it is usually scribble.  

yes, she likes to line up her markers standing up.
 She's very particular about how things are organized...remind you of anyone?

I walked away to get her dinner ready, so proud of my little braniac and when I turned around...

So, that was our weekend.  The girls are sleeping, and we're watching Big Brother and relaxing with our latest houseguest-our cute neighbor Sawyer.  

I'll just end with a puzzle (and another line of toys that Harper made).  Which of these things is not like the other?  Good night!

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