Wednesday, July 6, 2011

Mimi and Pop visit in July

Lost luggage didn't phase Mimi and Pop's joy on their recent visit to see the girls (oh, and us too).  They were thrilled to see them and the feeling was mutual.

Mimi and pop looking in on sleeping Kate

We had a great time together and even had some room for adult-time.  One night, Susan and I went to eat downtown while the guys kept the girls.  Another day, the guys went to a game to see the Nationals "play" the Cubs  (the Nats lost horribly).  Mimi and Pop also watched the girls while Brian and I had a date night.
Mimi brought Harper and Kate these matching outfits-they're SO cute!

 Harper had fun showing off her little sister.  It is funny:  when other people are around, she acts pretty proud of her big-sister status.  

Mimi had fun getting to know Kate.  Kate loves to sit outside on your lap and look around at everything.

They were our cheerleaders during the corn-hole game of Me and Brian vs. Pop and Jared.  
 We bet a carwash and Brian and I won!  Home-field advantage...

Harper and Mimi rode the train at the mall-Harper's favorite car is the yellow car.  
Mimi gave Harper a pony-tail.  It made her look all grown up.  

We went to the July 4th parade, where Harper and Pop shared ice cream and then Harper got scared of the big firetrucks so we had to leave.  Oh well, we had fun anyway.

We were definitely wiped out but had an absolute blast!  This is at the end of the day when Harper is in her pajamas.  I tell Brian that we never get family pictures; we finally got one and we all looked exhausted!  Ha!  

Harper has been going and going and it has caught up with her.  She had a nasty skinned knee and donned her very first bandaid last week.  Then, this morning she fell and hit her nose and it was bleeding everywhere.  She's a little swollen and I'm hoping it doesn't give her a black eye.  Ew.  Oh well, that's life right now.

We had so much fun visiting and look forward too seeing them very soon!  They're going to bravely watch the girls later this year while we go out of town for a wedding.  I'm a little bit scared for them because they are a lot of work.  I'll start writing their survival guide NOW!  

Thank you for a wonderful visit!  We love you!

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