Thursday, July 28, 2011

Harper goes to the dentist

Harper had her first visit to the dentist yesterday and it was a hoot!  I had her so excited to meet the dentist and show her her teeth.  We practiced at home and I told her we'd go get some ice-cream afterwards.  We went by ourselves while Paige kept Kate.  It was so fun for us to have an afternoon with just the two of us.

We got to the dentist's office and Harper walked in, talking up a storm to everyone.  She was pointing out all of the sailboat pictures and ceiling-mounted post-cards and had everyone in the office giggling at the bow-clad naive two year-old.  She walked into the room and got up in the big green chair and then...realized she was in the BIG GREEN CHAIR (cue dark music).  She immediately wanted out.  From there, the hygienist explained that Harper would sit on my lap facing me and lay back into the dentist's lap. She did NOT enjoy this at all and screamed and held me so tight.  She has never acted like this before (except maybe once with the Chik-fil-a cow).  The dentist said her teeth look great and to keep brushing them.  Harper was VERY excited to go pick her two toys from the treasure box and she left there a happy little girl.

We went to get some frozen yogurt afterwards (pink, of course, because "God bless pink ice-cream) and then went to the grocery store.  I had so much fun one-on-one with her and I love my sweet girl.

On another note, I went to the doctor today for my kidney stones and I am healthy.  I am so glad.  I have a couple of little stones still there, but they'll leave them.  They are going to run some tests to see how we can prevent them, so that makes me very happy and hopeful.  My girls were soooo good today at the doctor; I was nervous to take both of them to a specialist's office, but they were both angels.

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