Monday, July 4, 2011

Happy Birthday America and Kate is 3 months today!

Harper put on her 4th of July outfit and sparkly star headband with the springy stars on top and started singing "Happy Birthday."  I think she had the right idea there:  Happy Birthday America.

Today we went to the local parade and then later the pool, and finished off with some barbeque ribs tonight.   Yum!  I'm sure there'll be fireworks on our street later.   Everything went great today except for the parade.  Harper was scared.  Can you tell?  

Kate, you are 3 months old today!!!  You are such a big girl and I'm loving every minute I have with you.  You're still my quirky girl.

At three months you:

  • Smile and laugh!  
  • Coo and talk.  We "talk" back and forth to one another and it is so cute.

  • wake up at around 7 or 8 and make little sounds in your bed.  When I come in to your room, I look at you for a few seconds before you see me and then when you see me your eyes light up and you have a BIG grin on your face.  It is my favorite time of the day.  Then I feed and change you.
  • Take about three 45-minute and one 2-hour naps a day.  
  • Sleep through the night except for what appear to be growth spurts-which happen often.  
  • are an EATER!  You love to eat.  You burp great and don't have any signs of reflux.  You're an easy-eater.  You also take 4 oz. bottles of breast milk perfectly.  It is such a wonderful blessing for a mother to not have to worry about the nutrition of her baby.  

  •  love to sit and watch me or your sister.  I can lay you on my bed and clean the room for about 20 minutes and you never mind; you just watch me the whole time.  
  • are doing well with tummy time, but aren't the biggest fan-ha.
  • like taking baths and are so easy in the tub.  
  • wear size 1 diapers and are officially too big for 0-3 month clothes.
  • have a fussy time from about 6 to 8 pm.
  • do great in the sling, on your play mat, and even in your swing.  
  • are such an easy baby and so so sweet.  I love you!

one month

two months

three months

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