Monday, July 25, 2011

God Bless Diapers

Well, we went into Friday morning with determination and hope for a potty-trained two-year old.  By day two, she seemed to be making some progress, recognizing when she had to go and showing control over both #1 and #2.  She showed that she could start and stop it and had the "tell" of crossing her legs and looking at us sideways.
we spent the whole weekend in our pajamas Sunday morning she hated the little potty and could care less if Elmo went on the potty, she got M&M's, or she earned stickers for her chart.  It was a mess.  I didn't mind cleaning up after her, but she was acting out and I think it was too much pressure for her.  Sunday night we were at our wit's end and she was worse off than when we started.  So, we're going to start again in a few weeks, perhaps with a little bit easier of an approach.  I'm also thinking when she starts preschool next month and sees other kids going she'll get into it.

I have to say, bless her heart, she was a mess this weekend.  Harper is the light of my life and when we put that diaper back on her last night, we were all so relieved.  She was back to her old self again.  Oh good grief.  She's mentioned the potty a few times today, but has no desire to go in there and use it.

So, tonight as we were saying prayers in her room before bed, she had me cracking up when she said at the end, "God bless diapers."  How hilarious is that?  She's said funny things like that before (like, "God bless pink ice cream"), but that takes the cake.  I could say nothing else but, "amen."


  1. Hang in there Kristy! I remember after Avery was what I thought to be well trained, she peed all over the grocery cart at the store! Like you said, you can wait a couple of weeks and try again....

  2. oh my, that's funny, Kathryn. I can just see you, "oh, Averyyyyy" Sorry that I'm laughing, but she's too cute.