Thursday, June 16, 2011

a lot going on...

The girls are starting to interact a little bit more and that makes me happy.  Harper will now put the pacifier in Kate's mouth, throw diapers in the trash, and put the blanket on Kate.  She's becoming pretty sweet on her sister.  Kate also likes to sit back and watch Harper.

Brian and I got to go to Madlyn Jane's baptism on Sunday and it was so sweet.  Mark and Lindsay love her so much and it is a great feeling to watch our friends have so much joy in parenthood.

Kate and Maddy-they're 12 days apart

Kate came too to see her friend's special day.  Note her excitement...

 I love this picture-I think it is so them!

My parents came this week and we all had a blast!  Harper really bonded with both of them during this visit.  It deserves its own post and I'll make one soon.  We were BUSY, so I'm pretty tired today.

Speaking of tired, I think things finally caught up with me on Tuesday, as I had to go to the ER.  I was in terrible pain that came on pretty suddenly and I actually wondered if it was my appendix.  Brian was working late, but didn't God plan it for my parents to be here so I had some help!?  Thankfully my parents were here so my mom could watch the girls and my dad could drive fly me to the hospital.  I'm pretty sure we were there in 5 minutes.  I was crying the whole way down and pretty scared because I felt something pop (I now think it was the stone breaking up).  I passed the stone at the hospital and felt completely fine after that.  Brian and I made it home by 2:30 am and thankfully (again) mom and dad were there to help me recover.  Taking care of the girls is not easy at this point, so I'm so grateful.  I'd also like to thank my Medela breast pump and storage bags for making it all possible-ha!

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