Sunday, June 5, 2011

Kate is two months old

Kate turned two months old yesterday.  I certainly didn't forget; we were just going and going and there wasn't a good time to really get a picture and post.  I did take a lot of time to reflect on her growth and I of course give many prayers of thanks to God every day for her.  She is an angel.  

So, at 2 months, here's what Kate is up to:

  • We'll get a weight and height on Tuesday at the doctor-I can't WAIT to see!  She is a BIG girl!  I love it.  Look at those cheeks! 
she weighs 11 lbs. 3 oz (60th %) and 23 1/2 in long(90th %) 
  • She wears a size 1 diaper and 3-6 months clothes.  We've only done a few bows.  I hate to say this, but I don't know if she's a bow girl.  Maybe it is just too soon?
  • She likes the swaddle for sleeping.
  • She takes a bottle of breast milk a few times a week-such a relief.
  • She doesn't use a pacifier to sleep, but rather just during wake time.
  • She coos!  She's been "talking" a bunch for the past two weeks and it is so sweet.
  • She smiles this sweet, goofy smile that just makes me smile so big.
  • She is ticklish on her belly and cheeks.  I think it is so cute that she is ticklish.
  • She loves baths now and is so alert and into the sensations.  She wants the bath water really warm.
  • She follows baby wise (as of the past week or so):  eat, play, sleep.  Her play time involves the play mat, bouncy seat, tummy time, the swing, or one-on-one with mommy or daddy.
  • She sleeps in her own bed (since 6 weeks), and sleeps usually between 10 pm and 4 or 5 am.  She'll nurse then go right back to sleep until 7 or 8.  It is wonderful.  She went a little spell where she was up every 3 hours, but I think it was a little growth spurt.  Either way, I can handle it because she's growing and I realize that that is what matters.
  • She loves her mommy the most, and is getting much easier with her daddy.  She seems interested in Harper too.  Harper is not so into Kate.  Harper toys with loving on her, but then is kind of standoffish and protective of her mommy.
  • Kate seems like my quirky one.  To me she looks a lot like Harper, but she just has a different persona.  I know she's only 2 months old, but she's so laid back and observant.  She'll give this funny little grin and look deep into your eyes.  I could cry just thinking about her and how much I love her.   

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