Wednesday, June 22, 2011

iphone pictures

Here are some recent iphone pictures (and one from our babysitter Paige) of the last week or so.  Common trends:  Harper swimming and Kate sleeping or laying there.  

walking downtown Annapolis

Kate's (and my) favorite spot in the world

waiting on the doctor

Harps reading about ants and "pilly-pillies" at the doctor.  She was so good while we waited for Kate's doctor that I told her we would go have ice cream (I froze strawberry yogurt in ice cube trays and she never knows the difference).  When I said that, though, she goes, "Ms Beth's house?"  Ms. Beth is our next door neighbor...hmmm, wonder what she's been giving Harper...

such a cute suit that daddy brought home one day (with a matching maxi dress, I might add)

"pop pop" (popcorn break)

kate back in her "spot"

flippin' cute

Harper reminds me so much of BRIAN!  She is so like him and it is adorable to me.  She's rambunctious, sly, goofy, and sweet just like him.  Plus, she loves music.  One of her favorite things is to sit on his lap in his office and listen to music with him.  Oh, I wouldn't have it any other way.

It turns out that Kate has had a sinus infection for quite a while-over a month and a half.  What we thought may have been reflux or an intolerance to dairy turned out to be a yucky sinus infection.  Now that she's on antibiotics, her bm's are back to normal, and she's sleeping great with very little congestion.  Phew!  But of course now we have a cat with a UTI and "crystals" (aka almost a kidney stone).  Is there something in the water?  Ha!  Good grief, Charlie Brown, I love our sweet family.

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